Beverly Sills: Renowned Opera Singer Also Was a Cultural Leader

Beverly Sills (1927-2007):  She was an amzing talent with a wonderful voice.  Her coloratura was top notch.  I remember seeing a clip of an old TV apppearance Beverly Sills and Leontyne Price.  Beverly and Leontyne were very close friends.  And it was through being a huge Leontyne Price fan that I really got into Sills.  She will missed.  This is a great article that the Washington Post wrote about Sills.   

A Voice That Carried Weight

Bet you didn’t know this about native son; I am a huge classical music fan.  I was classically trained playing the clarinet since the age of 7.  I went to Suitland High School for the visual and performing arts program, was in the D.C. youth Orchestra and majored in music my first year in college until I changed majors.  So you can cathc me listening to Hip-Hop one minute and Richard Strauss’s opera Elektra, then next 


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