Interesting Stories

How do you walk over a woman who is bleeding to death and even take pictures of her with a cell phone?  Unbelievable…. Video shows shoppers stepping over dying stabbing victim in KS

 What is your take on this? Denied service for using her feet, woman says
DRIVE-THRU DEBACLE | Says McDonald’s workers balked at tiny hands, short arms


3 Responses

  1. Regarding the first story. What can I say. Un-fucking-believable. Remind me not to go to Wichita. The social contract is dead and buried.

    Regarding the second story: I hope she sues and gets $2 million out of them at least. Scumbag employees.

  2. Well, The people who didn’t help this woman are even bigger scumbags. What is our society coming to? This isn’t just a reflection of Witchita, KS, but our society as a whole.

  3. I agree. We are going to have to totally rebuild civil society.

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