Interesting Stories

Powell tried to talk Bush out of war– Powell tried to walk the tight rope but hung himself at the end.  His loyalty to his party was his downfall.  They used him to approach the UN with the lies and faulty intelligence.  I guess its better late then never….

White Americans Underestimate the Cost of Being Black–  Interesting study.  What do you think about this?

More lies from the The Department of Justice.  Looks like Gonzales Was Told of FBI Violations of the Patriot Act.  But he claimed that he knew of any wrong doing.  And the Department of Justice is supposed to be the to the main legal arm of this country?

In the meantime President Bush is not handling his tap dance routine well these days.  Member of his own party, the very ones who accused Democrats and people opposed to the invasion in Iraq as being unpatriotic, are now having second thoughts and are withdrawing their support of the President.  So what’s next G-dub?  Our soldiers are being killed every day even with the new surge of troops you ordered.  The American people and our troops can not hold on any longer!!!

Bush reaches yet again a new milestone; A 29% approval rating.  According to USAToday  the war in Iraq is out of control and the American people are tired!!  Just this weekend, 100 innocent Iraqi citizens were killed because of suicide bombers.  And our President wants to stay the course.


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