Is the NAACP still Relevant?

As the NAACP has their national Convention in Detriot this week; editorials about the Country’s oldest Civil Right’s Organization are being questioned.

Julian Bond, who have much respect for his past contributions to the cause, may be part of the NAACPs problem.  Many have called for a shift in focus for the organization; indicating that the NAACP is not addressing the social ills that truly affect black people today. And I agree.

I am a member of the National Urban League, and though there is room for improvement, I think that the Urban League does a better job in addressing economic empowerment and racism as a whole than the NAACP.

Yes there is still racism and discrimination in this country; but we also must attack the social and economic problems that our communites are facing.  The NAACP must make a bigger effort in combining the fight for equality along with self empowerment.  Earl Ofari Hutchinson  wrote a piece in huffingtonpost, check it out and tell me what you think.  Is the NAACP still relevant?


One Response

  1. Well, I don’t think the NAACP is relevent, the civil rights paradigm they use today does not work.

    Maybe I will join and see what I can do, and I think I am going to join our local Urban League chapter also.

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