Congress on Mike Vick???

Umm can Sen. Robert Byrd, John Kerry and the rest of Congress please focus on the war in Iraq, Immigration and the lack of health care??  Let the legal system and the NFL handle Vick.  You idiots, Democratic and Republican lawmakers are screwing up the country at the expense of the American People!!!  Stick to what we voted you in office for damn it!!!!!

Where were these clowns when Gernalow Wilson was locked up for 10 years for having sex with a fellow peer?  Where was Congress when the Jena 6 were arrested and charged with attempted murder?? 


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  1. I love your logic. We have committed a holocaust against iraq so therefore our Congress should not be allowed to talk about Vick and his evil. May he burn in hell.

    Ternalow Wilson got tangled up in the system so the Congress does not have a right to demand that justice be done to another black thug in professional sports. Brilliant.

    Put vick in prision. The NFL should fire Vick.

    Diversity is not working. Our country has become a nation of various groups with each seeking its own interest. Not good.

    I should think you might be a little concerned that black children are taking part in the sadistic activities of dog fighting and that you might want better for them.

    I can tell you for a fact that such activites are not good enough for white children. But if black people enjoy such things I suppose that is your choice.

  2. Southernvoice:

    I have no problem with them commenting on the incident, but I think that media as well as the legal system will handle the Vick case.

    May Vick burn in hell?? really??? Like I have stated before; I find it interesting how main stream America is outraged at the Vick allegations, but not as equally outraged about the Genarlow Wilson and Jena 6 cases. They are both wrong; so why not equal outrage???

    And the last time I checked a lot of souther whites participate in gamcecock fighting and dogfighting. Vick is innocent until proven guilty

  3. I agree with you NS. Congress can comment if they wish on the ills of dog fighting / killing, but how dare they take time away from dealing with the PEOPLE fighting / killing in Iraq.

  4. Your post reminded me of a truism shared by the Field Negro recently when he noted how much white people love their pets. I think that might explain the interest of Kerry and Byrd.

    peace, Villager

  5. Villager:

    I think that pet owners regardless of color love their pets; some more than others, so I don’t want to limit it to race. I was just commenting on how Congress has a lot of work to for the American people, and I found it odd how they could take time to talk about Michael Vick’s charges and never opened the floor to talk about other injustices in this country involving human beings.

  6. Robert Byrd has been against the invasion of Iraq from the start and he has made speech after speech about it which you can be viewed on his website. At the very start before we invaded Iraq byrd became a hero and millions from all over the nation wrote to him and thanked him and I was one of them.

    If vick were lily white I would still be calling for his sorry ass to be fired and for him to be put in prision.

    Everytime a black commits a crime and they attempt to bring justice some blacks start whining about racism. This is not about race unless you consider the blacks who will defend and free the likes of OJ Simpson or support the former mayor of DC who is as sorry as they come or who defend vick simply because they are black. Thats racist.

    Regarding the Wilson case, it is being looked into and they are attempting to free that young boy who is not a sexual predator or criminal and who should never have been put into jail.

    If I were black I would be doing everything I could to help black neighborhoods because there are places where the United States mail will not go. I certainly would not be condoning what vick has done and I would urge Byrd and others to find ways to help black youth since the rates of graduation are bordering on castrophe for blacks. I would join Byrd and ask for his help and influence.

    Pitting yourselves against whites is not a good thing. It is not good for race relations and it will not help blacks who are dependent upon whites to change their economic situation.

    When blacks would rather defend vick then demand better for their children it makes it easy for whites to shrug and say oh well lets just avoid their ghetto neighborhoods and hope for the best.

    Everytime I hear of someone being murdered I think to myself, i’ll bet the perpatrator was black, yeah a black youth. If I were black I would be first in line to condemn Vick and demand better and i would attempt to make it seem that as a black person I have wonderful values and I care very much what happens to young blacks. I would want to uphold the highest of standards and insist that the gov do something about black education. Nobody is going to do anything if the mentality is that of nativeson.

    If a child in my family even thought about fighting dogs or gamecocks they would get busted in a hurry.

    My grandfather raised me after my dad died and he always had game roosters and from the botton of my heart I despised it. Never would I justify it just because he did it and I was always shamed by it. He had a lot of black friends who owned them as well. He fox hunted with blacks. Just because it has been done does not mean it is right. Now my aunt has pet chickens. We love and defend animals and don’t condone what Papa did. What vick did should be condemed because it is evil and wrong. Show you backward ignorance by defending him. then when you are called out try to act like you just thought congress shoudl be concerned with iraq.

  7. Southernvoice:
    We are saying some of the same things. In my opinion this Vick incident is not racial; some may think that but I don’t.

    I don’t agree with dogfighting or any activity that is not legal. What i am saying is that Vick made some bad decisions by owning propert that he claims he didn’t know what was going on there. All I am saying is let him has a day in court to determine that.

  8. Excuse me Southernvoice:

    NS, please let me know if I overstep my bounderies here.


    Unlike Native Son who is being more than patient with you, I will cut to the chase. Slow your roll and read before you comment with your cookie cutter borderline stormfront white supremist diatribes.

    No one here is saying Vick should get a “pass” for what he is accused of, what we ARE saying is that congress needs to focus on problems that ARE NOT Being handled and cannot be handled by the legal system.

    If Vick is convicted he should get the punishment he deserves, HOWEVER, the congress of the United States needs to deal with this gangsta administration and their illegal war that is killing PEOPLE of ALL Colors in Iraq.

  9. DJ Black:

    Thank you, you said what I was trying to say. you hit it right on the head!! Brother you knew what I was talking about.

  10. I think Congress can handle dealing with more than one issue at a time. I think the public can deal with more than one issue at a time.

    Respectfully, white supremacist groups are notorious for sabotaging justice in the name of white interests. Are not blacks attempting to sabotage justice in order to help a fellow black avoid the penalities for his crimes?

    It seems that it is only natural to support the ethnic group that you belong to. If blacks are doing these things can you sit in judgement of white people who believe in white supremacy? Can you defend diversity.

    If I should “slow my roll” does that mean I should be more politically correct rather than speak my mind? I don’t mean to be unkind or inconsiderate I am only trying to get to the heart of this.

    Respectfully I don’t like political correctness because if it is needed then doesn’t that say that there is something wrong with diversity and that it doesn’t work. Political correctness is a tool to avoid dealing honestly with problems in society where the races clash. Political correctness is a tool that allows people to avoid dealing honestly with one another and it covers problems that seeth beneath the surface and that one day could explode. Don’t you agree.

    Respectfully we are either Americans or we are a bunch of different ethnic groups with each seeking its own interests.

    With all due respect, if this is the case then white people do have to look out for our own interests and the interests of our country and our futures do we not?

    These are hard questions. Questions that you have never thought about because everyone has been too busy being politically correct. I think we should talk about these hard questions. I would like to know what you think.

    When you support Vick and people such as myself perceive that you are doing so because he is black then that causes problems.

    I am not wanting to be unkind. I want to hear your thoughts. Isn’t that what debates are about. Isn’t that how we will move forward and grow.

    I don’t mean anything racist or white supremacist. I just mean to be logical and rational and objective. So what do you think.

    Vick has done something wrong. Very wrong. White people are not picking on him because he is black.

    He may be black but he is a very very valuable black player to some white people who will make money if he plays and who will lose money if he doesn’t play.

    White people are not going to cut their own noses off just to be racist against a black man.

    There are plenty of blacks who make big bucks in sports. Yet you try to have it both ways. You try to say that whites are racist when somebody like vick goofs up. You can’t have it both ways. If whites were racist blacks wouldn’t be playing sports and making all that money.

    You have to be willing to step up and say yes oj is guilty and so is vick. He is guilty its just not been made official yet. The Falcons have not come out and said anything about him being falsely accused and they would have if they thought he is. Nobody is making excuses for him except blacks because there are no excuses for what he did which is barbaric.

    You can’t defend Vick because if you do then you are saying race should be more important and his crimes come second. Now if that is the message blacks want to send then why shouldn’t whites behave that way as well.

  11. Who said Vick was innocent? I never said that, all I said is let him have his day in court. If the evidence shows that he was directly or indirectly involved then he needs to be punished, but until he goes to court then he is innocent until proven guilty.

    I do not condomn animal abuse on any level. Let him have his day in court then you can put him under the bus, or you can sentence him to burn in hell like you first stated. I know I am not putting race before crime. I don’t think anyoneis trying to do that.

  12. Southernvoice:

    Obviously you are choosing to be willfully ignorant of what we are saying here. NO ONE is saying that Mike Vick should not be prosecuted, no one is defending Vick “just because he’s black”, I don’t care if he was green and orange with pointy ears. WHAT WE ARE SAYING, is that the Congress of the United States needs to deal with the borderlin Criminal Actions of the Bush administration, and leave Vick to the courts.

    One of Bush’s boys outed a CIA agent and is getting a slap on the wrist, I think that should be dealt with LOOOONNGGG before the congress attempts to deal with Vick or any other athelete no matter what color who commits a crime, UNLESS that athelete is not facing the Justice System by some inane technicality.

    Bush and co. have possible illegal wire taps, corruption and misappropiation of funds, ethical questions regarding the appointments and dismisals of US attorenys, even possible War Crimes etc., etc.

    AGAIN, its not about RACE, you are the only one who seems stuck on that here, it is about priorities of the US Congress, #1 priority now is holding the executive branch of government accountable for their actions, not dog fights in North Carolina. I think the US attorney (unless they fired and replaced HIM or HER with an incompetent political lackey) of North Carolina can handle Vick.


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