Genarlow Wilson: Injustice Corrected!!!… Did I speak too soon??

Update July 20, 2007

Today is the day.  The Georgia Supreme Court has met and we are all waiting to hear their decision.  Look at some of the court footage here

Update July 19, 2007

You guys read this editorial written by a former GA lawmaker who thinks that the media is paying too much attention to the Genarlow Wilson case.  U.S. Justice has no business in Georgia’s Genarlow 

Read this case from Utah- Utah Supreme Court Resists Creating Another Genarlow Wilson

Listen to Democracy Now’s interview on the Case- Democracy Now


Update July 16, 2007

The phone calls to the State’s Attorney General Office and the protest paid off.  The Georgia Supreme Court  have moved Wilson’s trial up from October to this Friday!!  Let’s hope that Justice will be served and they let Genarlow go.

In the meantime, the DA who prosecuted the Wilson case,  David McDade  is so angry that people are speaking out against this injustice, that he has released the video tape of Genarlow and the female having sex.  Isn’t this distribution of child pornography?  Georgia’s Federal Attorney has ordered the County DA to stop giving out the tape.  Who in the hell does this man think he is?  They are now looking into legal and/or disciplinary action against this clown.

Update July 5, 2007

Local and national Civil Rights leaders are in Atlanta, GA today to hold a rally at the State House  to express outrage that Genarlow Wilson is still in Jail.  I have emailed and faxed my opinions to the State Attorney General and the D.A’s office. As we all celebrated Independence Day yesterday, let us not forgot the current injustices that still exist. 

Local Politicians, Clergy Hold Rally to Support Genarlow Wilson

Update July 2, 2007

I feel like I am reading a court case during the 1950’s.  What is this?  Some twisted Jim Crow reinactment? 

The DA of Douglas County offered Genarlow a plea deal which I am glad he turned down.  The plea deal would have cut his sentence in half to 5 years instead of 10.  This DA had the nerve to put this on the table with a straight face.  He didn’t even deserve 1 day in prison!!  Commuity leaders and citizens are marching on Thursday to the Georgia State House.  Genarlow needs to be free right now!!   

Update June 27, 2007

A Superior Court Judge has denied a bond hearing for Genarlow Wilson.  This means that even though a judge overturned his sentenced, he will have to remain in jail until the appeals court decides to hear his case which may not be until October.  I can not believe this is happening.  Where is the public outcry???  Where is America?  Where is the black community?  What are we doing?   I urge all of you to please write letters to the Governors Office and to Georgia State lawmakers and to the U.S. Congress Represenatives and Senators in Georgia. 

Update: June 12th

 Thurbert E. Baker Responds to why he filed an Appeal 

After reading his reasons for appealing the judge’s decision, I am still not buying it.  Attorney General Baker wrote that as Attorney General he must  interpret the law based on what the law says and not what people want it to say.  But what he failed to mention is that the Georgia State lawmakers changed the law because they knew it was not right.  The judge voided Wilson’s sentence because he even concured that it was a miscarraige of justice. 

As a black man,  Attorney General  is well aware of how laws were used to discriminate against people of color in this country.  They were wrong and they changed them.  Laws are not perfect, they are updated and amended all the time.  This is a clear example of a law that was intended to punish child molesters, not two consensual high school students!!!  States Attorney General Baker, you are wrong!!  We all know that justice is supposed to be blind, but sometimes does not serve the purpose in which is was created.

If we applied what A.G. Baker said in his response in the Atlanta Journal Constitution, then he would not have been able to attend the University and Law School of his choice, because the old laws and ways of the south would not have permitted him to.  If this country executed the law based on its original format; ignoring amendments and new statutes, he would not be Georgia’s Attorney General.  Laws and polices are amended, updated and changed because sometimes it affects people that it was not created to punish, this clearly is one of them.



 Update 2:32PM-Appealed Filed!!! 

Take a good look at the above picture, he is Thurbert Baker, Georgia’s Attorney General. I can not believe that the State Attorney General of GA, filed an appeal to review the judge’s ruling today.  This is black man!! 

I can’t even tell you how angry I am right now.  What is this 1955??  Anyone who has common sense regardless of color, can see that Wilson’s 10 year sentence for having consensual oral sex with a was unfair and not warranted; and no one can tell me that this was not racially motivated.  The Old South is alive and well in this country.

Attorney General Baker seems to have some issues with understanding what cruel and unusual punishment is.  Does he not know the thousands on top of thousands of injustices that the legal systems has imposed on black people?  I really want to tie him up and make him Watch “Eyes on the Prize”  because this case reminds me of the BS black people went through during the Civil Rights Movement.   

Wilson’s defense attorney begged and begged the state not to appeal and they did.  This just proves that GA is still operating Pre-Civil Right’s style.  They could care less about whats right and whats just for black people.  I am unyielding with my thoughts on this!! 

Where in the Hell is the NAACP in Atlanta?  Where are all the well to do black folk of the ATL surburbs?????  Where are all of the black celebreties and athletes???  Why aren’t they visable???  Where are you black people?????  Every black person in GA should be at that court house to shut it down. 

If you are as outraged as I am please please fax and call the Georgia Attorney Generals Office at:

State Attorney General Thurbert Baker

40 Capitol Square, SW

Atlanta, GA 30334

fax: 404-657-8733

Here is a copy of the letter (Baker-Letter) I sent to the AG’s office, and I will continue to send until Genarlow is out of jail!! 

Earlier Today… 

I have been watching this case all day, and I was prepared to fly down there and join the protest they were going to  have if the judge did not overturn the sentence. I don’t even think he should have been charged with a misdemeanor. Look at the video of his mom and her attorney when they get word that the sentenced has been voided. Here is a video of genarlow in jail

If this is not a clear indication that in 2007, black people still get an unfair hand in the Justice system then I don’t know what is. 

Even though I agree with the judges closing statements, I am tired of hearing that this was an injustice or should not ever happened, yet it still continues to happen!!   If I was the family, I would demand that the prosecutor and the judge who sentenced him to be reprimanded. 


18 Responses

  1. Unbeivable. I cant believe a black man is trying to prosecute another young black man for have consenual sex with a 15 year old when he was 17 especially after she initiated it. Mark

  2. This is the kind of chicanery that I would expect out of Bush Supreme Court appointee. However, as I read his statement, it leaps out at me that Thurbert is not saying that Genarlow should remain in jail. At this point that is the only thing keeping my boot off his butt. In legalese, he is basically saying that the Monroe County judge who finally made the right call on this case can feel free to let Genarlow out of prison, he just can’t change the original courts ruling. In all fairness, this is probably a legally sound argument. So what I’m hoping will happen today is that the Monroe County Judge will amend his ruling to simply have Genarlow released forthwith. The Attorney General’s office would then have no further legal standing on which to block the release. That’s far more important than cleaning up the record, which should be easier to accomplish if Genarlow is not behind bars.

    Thurbert should have left it right there. (Envision my boot resuming it’s journey towards his hindquarters.) That nonsense about a reasonable plea offer is a crock of crap that threatens to disgorge every meal I’ve eaten this month. Where does he get off requiring that Genarlow plead guilty to a felony that isn’t a felony anymore? Why is he incapable of seeing that this law was misapplied in a grossly unjust fashion? Why is he pandering to the law and order lunatic fringe who obviously believe the only good Black man is a Black man under State supervision?

  3. Markbey..Sadly, this black AG could be doing this to further his own career by making an example of Mr. Wilson, another man of color. It’s weird that his white lawyer is fighting tooth and nail for him while the NAACP sits back and does nothing. True..Genarlow mae a terrible mistake, but one that does not warrant this type of treatment. People who have sexually assualted and forcibly molested young children do not even serve this much time.

  4. Aw HELLL naw, this Attorney General is a BROTHER to top it off, damn…

  5. Native Son,
    Your eloquence here has caused me to pause and question myself — why didn’t I at least write letters when I first heard of this tragic and ludicrous case? I’ve read many things about Genarlow, yet I don’t think I’ve come across anything that raised what you raise here: where is the NAACP? why are not the citizens of Georgia storming the courthouse? Thanks to you, I am faxing a letter to the Attorney General (lord, what a pathetic man he is), and have called on all of my friends to do the same.

  6. Where’s the justice?! Will he forever be marked as a child molester any way?

  7. Gerard,
    I know what you mean, I just heard about Genarlow about 2 weeks ago and I wish I would’ve known. I’m only 45 minutes from him too. We’ve got to tell as many people as possible. I tell strangers my friend. I wear shirts saying free Genarlow. He did nothing wrong. Nativeson get that flight and come -i’ll be there mad as hell tomorrow.

  8. I have been following this case. As well, I am follow Jena Six. If we do not do something to help these kids, who will be next.

  9. Nik:

    I hear you. It almost seems like the South is moving backwards instead of forward

  10. ” I hear you. It almost seems like the South is moving backwards instead of forward”

    mark bey: Theyve always been moving backwards they are racist down dem parts.

  11. Thank you for keeping us updated via your blog. I’m also tracking the Genarlow Wilson case on the Electronic Village. This is one that the AfroSpear needs to keep in the forefront because the traditional media doesn’t seem to focus on it at all. Jena 6 situation is another one we need to stay on top of over the coming weeks.

    peace, Villager

  12. The outcome of this case will surely be decided within a week or two at the latest. But, beyond the minimum sentence issue, at hand, a larger question exists: what will Genarlow Wilson do to benefit others from his experience? Certainly, his sentence and incarceration has caused a law to be changed. One could say that is good. But beyond that, Genarlow is an example of a simple, yet profound, principle: Every choice has a consequence.

    As former inmate from Federal prison, today I share with business executives and young people that simple message: Every choice has a consequence. And, while I am extraordinarily sympathetic to Mr. Wilson’s plight, his example has helped other young people evaluate the power of their seemingly simple choices. As the founder of the Choices Foundation, perhaps Genarlow would consider stepping up and helping others understand the power of choice.

  13. i have to strongly disagree with you on this topic.

    and those that commented on this post.

    when i was growing up…all the Black boys knew not to deal with younger girls. period. if’n you weren’t the exact age, then you gots no play.

    that being said…he should have known the law. period. ignorance of the law is not an excuse. we should all know that by now.


    bad move on his and his friends parts for renting an hotel room for like 6 dudes and 2 chics. um…what?

    folks keep acting like he was just a teenager doing teenage shit.

    um…i hope that through his prosecution and jail that other teenagers would think before they decide to have group sex…and tape it.

    and just to be extra clear…the 17 year old was passed out drunk. they had sex with her the entire time she was passed out drunk!

    you all actually think what he did was excusable and okay and deserves just a slap on the wrist?

    and by the way…all his friends took the plea.

  14. Jolli:

    I disagree with you on every level and every point you stated.

    No one is giving him a pass on his behavior. But giving him 10 years in jail is outrageous. And yes he was a just a teenager. And the girl who you claimed was passed out in the video admitted that she lied about being raped.

    Further more Wilson was not convicted on the girl who orginally claimed he raped her, he was charged because of the 15 y/o performed oral sex on him.

    The state of GA went as far as changing the law after this case went to court.

    His friends took plea deals becasue they had prior run ins with the law, Wilson did not have a prior record and was an honor student.

  15. i didn’t say he raped her. i said they had sex with her while she was passed out drunk.

    “bad move on his and his friends parts for renting an hotel room for like 6 dudes and 2 chics…”

    you disagree with that?

    “…i hope that through his prosecution and jail that other teenagers would think before they decide to have group sex…and tape it”

    you disagree with that too?

  16. Jolli:

    I am not an advocate for teen sex, I think teens should wait. But getting 10 years for consensual sex is outrageous. These were 2 high school students. State Lawmakers have admitted that the law that Wilson was convicted under was for child molesters not teenagers having sex with each other.

  17. This morning, I watched a CNN feature story about how Genarlow Wilson has been admitted to Morehouse College. All expenses will be paid through a generous donation from the Tom Joyner Foundation. OK, Morehouse is a fine institution; hopefully, it can instill the strength of character in Wilson he lacked earlier in his life.

    The amount of the scholarship has not been made public, but the oversized check the smiling Wilson was holding on the news was made out for what looked like $275,000.

    After months of litigation and media support for Wilson as a victim of the Georgia criminal justice system, I can’t help but wonder what became of the girl in question. She would be about 19 years old now. Is she in a good place? Did she get to go to college? Is there a fund for that? Can I contribute to it?

    My point is, what Wilson did may not justifiably carry the sentence of, say, manslaughter, but he is no hero, and this was not a victimless crime. Some of the first sexual experiences of his life were of a sexually degrading and exploitive nature. Similarly, those girls were at a point in their lives where they sought positive reinforcement from male figures through misdirected acts of sexual gratification. Perhaps they were inexperienced with the intoxicating effects of alcohol (or maybe that was the goal). They were, after all, minors.

    Whatever the case, Wilson acted in a way unbecoming a man, specifically, a black man. Those girls were his sisters within this human race, and he treated them as badly as they seemed to treat themselves – as dehumanized sex objects.

    What complicates this matter is that these sex acts – fellatio, group sex, etc. – have, in our culture, shifted from being considered sexual pathology to sexual expression. Hence the legal confusion over age of consent, sentencing, oral versus vaginal sex, etc. Our acceptance of or revulsion toward these acts in our own lives is likely to color how we view the case.

  18. Trish C.,
    We understand your point, children should not be having sex! Having said that, we understand that it happens all the time. You just have to turn on your television, and you will know where the influence comes from.
    However, children should not be charged with a crime and sent to prison because in their youthful indiscretion. I believe that he was given the check so that he can continue on his journey, which by all accounts was a bright one, until this incident.

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