BET: Jokes on Us

BET entertainment head Reginald Hudlin said that it’s unfortunate that people are making an erroneous presumption based on absolutely zero information.  I guess he doesn’t realize that we get enough oHot Ghetto Mess with the videos that some (not all) Hip-hop artist put out which BET has no problems airing.  We complain in the black ocmmunity that there is not enough balance between positive and negative images in main stream media, so one would assume that BET would not fall prey to the same trend; but they do. 

The folks at BET should really change their motto from

Black Star Power


‘Coon-tastic’ Entertainment at Black Folk’s Expense

I say this because BET has a new show coming on in a few weeks:

HOT GHETTO MESS (Wednesdays starting July 25th at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT) Charlie Murphy (“Norbit,” “Chappelle Show”) is the host of this in-your-face half-hour clip show, whose real blend of tough love and social commentary challenges and inspires its viewers to improve themselves and their communities. Utilizing comedy, man-on-the-street interviews and some of the most shocking video clips from around the country, HGM dares to go where most shows fear to tread.

I just read that two advertisers have pulled out of showing thier products during BETs Hot Ghetto Mess.  Black people are getting tired of being underestimated, undervalued and marginalized; no matter who it is; BET or Don Imus.  BET President Debrah Lee and BET President of Entertainment Reginald Hudlin are both ivy league educated professionals and one would think that they would have our best interest in mind.  It is obvious that they have no problem undervaluing their own people.  I hope more advertisers pull out of showing their products during this show. 

With the multiple social problems that plauge our community, they did not create or introduce not one news or social commentary show.  Would would it had hurt BET to at least try?  I guess black folk are not worth promoting on BET unless we are step and fetchin’ it, making fools out of ourselves or dancing and singing….


10 Responses

  1. We need another African American oriented channel. BET has a monopoly that needs to be broken if we are to get the real voice of our community heard.

  2. Actually,

    TV One, a newer black station has made a much greater effort at enlightening black people. I especially like this one show where they have a financial advisor discuss strategies for growth with a different family each episode. See if they have it in your area.

  3. There is no question that BET is a Hot Ghetto Mess! The sad part is that the station has so much positive potential. I looked over the 16 new shows that they are bringing to market in the next few months. There are some intriguing story lines. It is a shame that they can’t discipline themselves to say ‘no’ to bullsh*t like Hot Ghetto Mess.

    peace, Villager

  4. AMEN to all of that. BET, or should I say, ‘Coon-tastic’ Entertainment at Black Folk’s Expense has been a thorn in the side of the Black community for about 20 years now…and it’s getting worse.

    As J.Scott mentioned, TV One is a great alternative. Hopefully, they’ll grow to obtain (steal) the audience plauged by the misguiding imagery of BET…I mean, ‘Coon-tastic’ tv.

  5. Maybe people should be promoting TV ONE to get them subscribers so they can compete with BET?

  6. Bronzetrinity:

    you are right. I think we all could do a little more in promoting TV1.

  7. You already know how I feel about these people Native they should be tarred and feathered until they stop the cooning.

  8. ‘Coon-tastic’ Entertainment at Black Folk’s Expense

    Can I turn that into a T-shirt? HAHAHA! Still laughing!

  9. Gina:

    LOL yeah you can use it. Thank you for bringing this whole thing to light!!!

  10. such a shame that some people see no shame in denigrating themselves (as in the case of “Hot Ghetto Mess”). the name evokes nothing positive and nothing funny (in my book): if a co-worker of mine ever said that in my presence, i’d probably catch a case for the “beat down” that i’d administer… yet we have OUR OWN people trying to capitalize on such ignorance. i’m so glad that the name of the show has been changed… i applaud GINA for leading the charge!

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