Democratic CNN Debate

Did anyone watch the debates  last night? What did you think? I thought they are ok.  I give it a C+. 

I was getting a bit annoyed at the way some of the youtubers presented their questions; drop the stupid skits and get-ups and just ask the questions.  It was almost like I was watching a bad SNL skit on politics…. 

Something that raised my attention was the question about nuclear energy.  If you did not catch that question go on youtube and watch it.  What did you think about the responses to that question?  Wasn’t it interested who said they were for it and who was against its use?

And another question that really pissed me off, and I blame the producers for this: “Is Obama black enough”  why are people still entertaining this ignorant question?  Is Hillary woman enough?  Is Giuliani Italian enough?  Is Romney Mormon enough?  If America isn’t asking these candidates these questions, then they need to stop asking Obama that question.  If he wasn’t qualified then he would not have been able to raise record amounts of money and debate with the others. candidates!!


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