WTF is going on in Philly?

The murder situation in Philly is out of control.  A City of Violence talks about how people are not speaking up and cooperating with police because they are scared.  Then we have the stop snitching culture, which encourages us not to tell for other reasons then safety.  Check out this article.  I can’t believe this idiot.

I have heard all of the reasons why people don’t tell.  But when 6 people can be gunned down in a club in Philly, and out of 30 people who were in the same room; only 2 talk to police???  Complete madness 

7 Responses

  1. Native I read the article about whosarat and it is repulsive. Someone should ram a foot in the administrators hind parts.

    We are going to have to change stop snitching culture in the urban communities.

  2. Brother Bey:

    What’s been up? I hope all is well with you

  3. All is good with me I hope all is well with you. Native have you heard about Gina from What about our daughters blog campaing against BET she is whooping their hind parts over the hot ghetto mess show you can check out her podcast about it at the lady is brilliant as far as Im concerned and she deserves our support big time.

  4. I wonder where the cheap guns are coming from. I know the culture in Philly needs to change, but i’m wondering how all those guys are able to get an illegal gun so cheaply.

  5. Brandon:

    You hit it right on the head. Violence in our community is a huge issue, but no one wants to address how people get these guns. The truth is that the gun business is a multi billion dollar a year industry and anything that makes that much money in this country, always will be corrupt on some level

  6. What’s up Native? I’ve been busy lately. Ironically, It’s strange you mentioned Philly, because I was reading a special section in the online inquirer regarding the bloodshed there. It also contains pictures of the victims who have been gunned down, sadly most of which are young blacks and hispanics.

  7. Prince George’s County has the same problem. The Prince George’s Co. Politics and Prince George’s Co. Discussion YahooGroups talk about it a lot. Not that I have time to read all they talk about, though.

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