BET’s S.O.B.

You have to be kidding me?  I watched DL Hughley’s show on Bootleg Entertainment Television.  It was horrible.  And do they really want us to believe that the people in this show didn’t know what was going on?  Bullshit!!

The first prank that they played was in a restaurant.  This restaurant seated you in sections according to your ethnicity.  Patrons walked in and were greeted by a hostess who asked what the patron’s ethnicity was and she would seat them in that section of the restaurant. 

Wait a minute…….

Does BET really think that we are that stupid??  What person in their right mind would sit down and dine in a restaurant that seated you in sections according to race?  There were white, black asian and other walking into this restaurant and they all sat down like it was no big deal.  These were paid actors!!  These people knew they were being filmed for a show.

DL Hughley was corny and the whole show was a complete Hot Ghetto Mess!!!!  I want my 30 minutes of time back for actually watching this BS.


One Response

  1. We are a lost people. I just watch S.O.B on BET

    Your probably making money but you are selling your people a bunch of crap.

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