BET’s We Got to Do Better…

Here is what is posted on BET’s corporate page:

BET Networks inspires its audiences to make a difference in their lives and communities with a broad and impactful pro-social agenda.


BET Networks is the pre-eminent entertainment brand serving African Americans and consumers of Black culture globally

I guess the new line up of BET shows is the image of black peolpe that they want the whole world to see as reality……

BET has got to do better!!

I want the thirty minutes of my life back that I wasted watching this SH@#$

Is it me, or was this show so edited to the point that it made not 1 ounce of sense?  I bet this version that they aired tonight was not the oringal version that they orginally intented to show.  I think BET got scared because of all the public outcry and did a bootleg cut and paste to appease us and the result we still got thirty minutes of a complete Hot Ghetto Mess.  And what is was up with the gun in the background?  What was that supposed to symbolize?

Anyone who found this entertaining must be on crack.

 I still think that we should hit up the advertisers and BET and demand that they create at least 2 news or social commentary talk shows.  Even MTV has news updates 10 minutes before the top of each hour!!!  BET has nothing!!

BET, you exhibit nothing but socially offensive behavior at the expense of your own people and you need to take your own advice and do better!!!

Here is a list of sponsors that advertised in Maryland

*Local car dealership ad
Jim Coleman Toyota in Bethesda,MD

*Law Cash
locations in New York, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Florida, and Texas

Check out Washington Post’s review of the waste of thirty minutes last night- Review: ‘Hot Ghetto Mess’ Tepid, Tired

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