Hot Ghetto Mess: BET has Got to Do Better

I want to thank Gina at what about our daughters  for bringing this to light and fighting for positive images of black people.

Here is an interesting article in the Washington Post about the creater of Hot Ghetto Mess, Jam Donaldson, a Howard University graduate and attorney. Even the Hilltop (Howard University’s newspaper has sounded off about Bootleg Entertainments Television’s new show.

Karen Russell from the Huffington Post sounded off on this issue as well. Donaldson claims that she created the website to stress that we have to do better. But we all know that people look at the pictures and video clips for laughs. The people that she is showcasing are not looking at her website or the show which is to be aired on BET on Wednesday with the mindset of wanting to change. So who is the show for? It is for entertainment purposes. If they were serious about this issue, that would not have comedian Charlie Murphy hosting the show.

All I want is a single 30 minutes news show, and at least 1 news talk show that discusses serious issues. Why is that so hard to realize? We don’t need another reality tv show. There are so many black people who have never heard of the Gernalow Wilson or the Jena 6 cases. BET could be the informational highway about black news issues. They could hire reporters and writers from black newspapers as political talk show hosts to really inform the people. just 1 show, that’s all I ask for. Would that bankrupt BET?

2 Responses

  1. Part of the strategy must be to ensure that sponsors of disrespectful shows like HGM hear from us. Our consumer buying power needs to be flexed in moments like this. I noted the three corporations that sponsored the 30-minute show in my area of the country.

    peace, Villager

  2. Thank Villager. You are right, we have to hit the sponsors up.

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