Number of Youths Awaiting Trial in D.C. Jail Triples

This issue frustrates me so much.  I found this in the  Washington Post.  You have these organizations that say that the system is charging more youth as adults unnecessary.  I have to disagree with that. 

In the DC area we have 12 and 13 year old kids stealing cars and robbing people.  Are they not committing adult crimes?  I think the real problem is that these youth don’t have responsible parent or parents in the home. 

I understand that a lot of parents are single parents and may have more than 1 job, but the fact remains that you are still responsible for raising you kids.  If you need help, go to your local church, or community service program.  Big Brothers, 100 Black men, the list goes on.  Those of us who are able should give our time to these programs. 


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