Preaching from the Choir

I ran across this piece on Dr. Marc Lamont Hill website.  It is his take on the black church.  When I saw this picture on his site with this caption, I fell out….. LOL 

I Bling because I’m Happy…


You can read his article here: Preaching from the Choir


6 Responses

  1. Interesting article you linked here. I found it interesting. I have had a problem with the term “Black Church” or “New Black Church”, it to me exemplifies the problems in the greater Christian community, that being division and factionalism.

    As a Christian (of the non – denominational / non sectarian stripe), I find the article hits the nail on the head, the Hip Hop materialism is just a reflection of value systems of the greater community which includes the Black Church (though it can be argued that the so called “Black” church in this case is also reflecting the value system of the great community).

  2. You already now how I feel about this. My question is when are black christians going to put an end to the Jive turkey preachers. As long as black americans will tolerate preachers who dress like pimps, and carry on with women that arent their wives, you guys need to do the corrupt preachers the way Gina did BET until then my respect for all christians will fade.

    What is going on with too many black churces is disgraceful.

    Native have you heard about Jamal BRyants love child born a few years ago.

  3. This article hits right at the heart of one of many of our problems as a community. A friend of mine has a blog dedicated to exposing the use of faulty doctrine to create wealth for its perpetrators. Check it out at

  4. Well Mark, I am a Christian, and really, I am not any more responsible for what other Black Christians (even Pastors) do, than I am for what any other Black Person does.

    They like it, I love it. I am only responsible for my walk with Christ, and only can hold accountable the church that I give my offerings to.

  5. @ DJ Adam black

    mark bey: It is your responsilibity in so much as what you and other christians allow these guys (coons) to get away with.

    Also I am tired of these meaningless for of spirituality that black christians are practicing too often, this is what allows black congregations to support and allow these clowns who look like pimps to stand in front of your church, your family, kids and friends and be hypocrits.

    Lastly as far as Im concerned if a preacher and a church on 14 street knows that a preacher on 16 street is a fraud then you guys need to police each other.

    No excuses DJ this sh#t disgraceful and I hold you and all of the other christians who wont get in the streets and remove these clowns.

  6. “mark bey: It is your responsilibity in so much as what you and other christians allow these guys (coons) to get away with. ”

    That’s weak Mark. I am no more responsible for some fool who wants to give their pastor a Jaguar because we both happen to be Christians, than I am for Mick Vick for fighting dogs because he and I are both Black.

    I can call both folks stupid, and instruct my own 4 sons not to be that stupid, and maybe, if I talk to other people who ask my opinion, they might heed my warnings.

    Mark, you are Black are YOU responsible for what I do as a Black Man? It’s not a logical argument you are positing.

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