This Man’s Courtroom Has a Rule: No Excuses

ph2007072501271.jpgThis what I am talking about.  Hats off to Prince George’s County Judge Herman Dawson.  A no nonsense judge who understands that it takes a village to raise a child including holding parents responsible for rasing their children!!  Great article. 



2 Responses

  1. I wish there were more judges like him. Great article..

  2. This is definately what the kids in the county need. I wonder if they refer drop-outs to the Free Challenge Academy. It’s a great program that we support as taxpayers, put on by the National Guard. My son went to it – I don’t just threaten military school. He wasn’t in it because he was doing anything illegal; he just didn’t want to go to school – that’s dropping out, as far as I’m concerned and that and age are essentially the only criteria for that academy. Unfortunately, a lot of kids drop out of this academy, too, even though they give them an allowance, they can graduate with scholarships, and it only takes 7 mos. My son is a geek who had no physical stamina, but he made it through military school any way.

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