Augusta, GA Teacher and Shock Jock Crossses the Line

I heard about this on the Joe Madison show and I think it wis worth talking about.

Augusta shock jock Austin Rhodes, has made a career making negative comments towards African Americans and more recent his attacks hit an all time low; he launched a verbal attack on a  5 year old black boy. 

It all started over a mother’s complaint to her child’s school.  A teacher made her 5 y/o son clean a toliet with his bare hands!!  After she complained to the school and the school board.  The letter of complaint mysteriously landed in the hands of the shock jock who starts calling him pee-pee boy and then calls the mother a media whore. 

To add insult to unjury, the teacher was not penalized!! All the teacher received was a letter in her file

Read the story on  air america’s  website.


4 Responses

  1. The shock jocks bad but not atypical. They make money by being obnoxious, but what really bothers me is the lack of severe punishment for the teacher. I don’t know what type of action we can take to really prevent the abuse of our children in the school system, but I know we have to figure something out soon.

  2. I found some local, Augusta, GA newpaper ( articles on this. See all with video here:

  3. Austin Rhodes is a long time member and frequent participant in what the article in the Metro Spirit calls ‘Augusta’s largest Web site & home to the regions bigots.
    If you had been reading the Augusta Chronical Bulletin Boards you would have seen the racism he perpetuates. He speaks in backdoor slurs, innuendo and that subtle racism those who suffer the insults know so well.
    1. Rhodes read on the air a letter from Michelle Van to the Columbia County Superintendent of School?
    2. Rhodes ridculed a 5 year old child calling him Pee Pee Boy and Wee Wee Boy countless times?.
    3. Rhodes called Michelle Vann, an African American Lady a media whore?
    4 Rhodes gave the boy’s home address out over the air and told his listeners to go “visit the pee pee boy”?
    5. Rhodes continued to make a mockery of the child by holding an on air instructional on cleaning urine up in a bathroom?
    6. Rhodes told Mike Sleeper, Columbia County Board of Education on the air the boy is nothing but a terrorist
    7. Rhodes has imitated the way African Americans talk in a derogatory manner?
    9. Rhodes was suspended in the 90s for using the word nigger?
    10 Rhodes is on record as saying on air “now that is a nigger” ?
    11. Rhodes wants to know where is all the red headed white boys in the NBA?
    12. Rhodes says he can understand the blacks voting for a convicted felon but not those dumb ass whites?.
    Austin Rhodes crossed all lines when he singled out a private citizen to ridicule. Does Beasley actually condone that type of behavior? How can Beasley not react to Rhodes going after a five year old child?
    This is wrong and your sense of decency must be offended by such behavior.
    protest to

  4. I wrote this a couple years ago.
    — Back in the day, most all whites were Democrats and a white republican was as rare as a minority on the Columbia County Geprgia Board of Education. Needless to say my Grandpa was a republican. We would all pobably still be republicans but Grandma contracted polio. Grandpa took her to Warm Springs, Georgia for the ‘cure’. It was there she met Eleanor Roosevelt and we been democrats ever since.
    My point is The Power of One.
    You and I have Power and each person we touch has power. Most of all I am Righteously Right and ‘they’ know it. Today politics is just a vehicle upon which injustice can ride. I am neither Democrat or Republican I am either Right or Wrong.

    Deigo Sevi

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