Ever heard of Patrick Kerney? Mike Vick has….

Patrick Kerney use to play for the Falcons up until last year.  But before his exit from the Falcons, it appears that they may have been a rape committed on his property.

Alleged Rape Took Place At Patrick Kerney’s Atlanta Home

This article was from March 19th 2007, yet I did not hear as much outrage or public outcry as I have for the Vick case.  Why didn’t they demand that Kerney sit out until the investigation was completed?

Once again I am not for abuse of any animal, but Vick needs to have his day in court not by PETA.  One thing for sure, Vick is guilty for being stupid; associating himself with realtives or friends involved in illegal activity.

Is Kerney still playing professional football?  You bet he is! He is now playing for the Seahawks.  Here is an interesting piece that someone blogged on Kerney and Vick

2 Responses

  1. What I also find interesting is how everyone is so quick to condemn Mike Vick for associating himself with “relatives or friends involved in illegal activity”…as if disassociating yourself with relatives and childhood friends is as easy as tossing out trash. I assume that my next couple of family reunions are off limits because I damn sure know a couple of cousins in nefarious careers. Hell..do I just hang up on the friend that may just call to say “hey” because they have a DUI or I know they smoke weed? But that’s just petty stuff….not felony situations…right?? Okay then…..so tell me this, why the hell is the NBA referee who has been fixing games and working with his childhood friends who are BOOKIES and associated with the mafia, not being chastised about his thug friends? Notice how not one person is beating the “leave those friends alone” drum with this guy……what’s the difference? Whatever the transgressions and criminal behavior of Mike Vick’s boys….rest assured, they AIN’T the Gambino family.

  2. Unfortunately, we live in a nation that champions animal rights more than human and civil rights. If it were found that abuse of animals had happened on his property instead of abuse of a person, then he would have had more outcry against him.

    When the media covers stories of people torturing dogs, cats, etc. we usually hear people around the nation demanding swift and tough justice. Teachers have little kids right letters and draw pictures about the wrongdoing of animals and send them to congress or the media. That doesn’t happen when we hear of injustice to people, especially minorities.

    The sad truth seems to be that we in the U.S.A. love our pets more than our fellow man. I have nothing against pets , I think they can be a great comfort to people. However, it seems many fellow Americans don’t just love their pets but are IN LOVE with them. They view them as their equal or their children, and demand equal rights for them under the law.

    A dog is no longer a dog but a person with four legs kind of mentality. Huh! Are we as a society so out of touch with each other that we put human emotions and feelings once felt towards people onto animals?

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