Bush Administration: Thugs and Hustlers

What everyone has been saying in the past can no longer be refuted as hearsay or classified as a conspiracy theory;  The Bush Administration planned the wiretapping program prior to 9-11

 This administration told us that the wiretapping program was necessary because of 9-11.  Muller’s testimony   proves that Gonzales is covering up for his boys Bush and Cheney.  This administration has pimped the American people and now it is all coming out. 

Gonzales is the Chief attorney for our Country; he is to be held to a higher standard because he enforces the law of the entire land.  The Department of Justice is also supposed to enforce Civil Rights.  If the head of the household is corrupt, then state and local law enforcement agencies become corrupt.  That is why there is police brutality, that is why you see cases like Genarlow Wilson and the Jena 6.  The Department of Justice sets the standard for law enforcement in this country, and when the U.S. Attorney General engages in illegal activity for the benefit of the President, justice is lost; it is null and void.

Conservatives and the elitist say that if your not guilty of doing anything, then you shouldn’t mind being under watch.  And now since we have invaded Iraq that the program is necessary even if it was developed prior to 9-11.

Wake up people, this is not a Demcratic or Republican issue, this is an American issue.  The working and middle class people have been used at the expense of funding the elitist and conservative agenda.


3 Responses

  1. Damn straight.

    I thought there was so much coming to the surface these days that even the most staunch Republicans would need to line up behind Arlen Specter and express their disgust.

    Evidently not. I heard Limbaugh scoffing at Democrats yesterday for “attaching” themselves to losing causes such as the federal attorney firings and the Alberto Gonzales stuff. Because, you know, those are not problems and the Democrats are making mountains out of molehills.

    Excuse me while I bleach my ears.

  2. Wow wiretapping and lying about why they want to easedrop on the American people is making mountains out of molehills? Limbaugh is a complete idiot. He is bought paid for; an agent of the elitist in this country

  3. Actually, I’m starting to see even the strongest Bush supporters slipping..(family….ugg..etc.), but personally I’ve had it with the Dems. too……reregistered Independent and voting that way from now on…..t

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