D.C. Public Schools; Mirror the Nation’s Problems

This is so embarrassing.  This our Nation’s Capital and the D.C. Public School System  is a complete mess.  This school system is supposed to be the example in which the country should model itself after. 

Instead, D.C. will not have all of the required textbooks and half of the school buildings will not have any air conditioning by the first day of classes.  They book ordering system is a disaster because they don’t have an ordering system!!!

Some parent groups complained that the Mayor’s take over plan was not good for their children.  Well guess what? They are still cleaning up the mess from the D.C. Public School Board!! 

This should also be a wake up call for my County, Prince George’s County.  We may not be as bad as D.C. Public Schools, but we are not at the level we should be either. 


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