Tony Brown

Talk show host Tony Brown is the person who first broke the Jena 6 story, he has been the eyes and ears for those of us who do not live in Louisiana.  He has a website/blog.  You can updates from there. 


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  1. Thanks for putting out the truth. I’ve heard from several people that since we began covering this story with the Sept 1st 2006 hangmans noose incident, that some caucasian journalist are claiming via You-Tube that they broke this story.

    Truth be told it was the black parents at Jena high who did so, they just used my statewide show :”Eyes Open with Tony Brown”, as the vehicle to do so. They deserve all that credit. One thing I can say we have put more broadcast hours into this miscarriage of justice than any other news operation.

    I just wish that before people started calling these syndicated shows that are now expressing interest almost a year after the fact, would get the facts right. There is alot of misinformation about the Jena Six that is being put out there that is factually incorrrect.

    If you want to know the truth you can listen to my show from 6am to 8am Central at, you can also check out my blog for the latest accurate info on the Jena Six.

    Thanks, God Bless the Jena Six Victims!
    Tony Brown

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