English Instruction Touted for Immigrants

Let me start off by saying that I support immigrants in this country; but I do not support illegal immigrants.  This article in the Washington Post talks about how billions of dollars are needed to teach immigrants how to speak English so they can take take the citizenship test.  Are you kidding me?

The Migration Policy Institute says that that an additional $200 million a year is needed to improve legal immigrants’ English skills enough for them to pass a citizenship test and “fully participate in the country’s civic life.” An additional $2.9 billion a year is required for illegal immigrants to meet those standards

I totally disagree with this.  If you come to live in this country; you need to learn how to speak English and not at the taxpayers expense.

I live in the DC area.  You can go to any fast-food restaurant and the majority of employees are Hispanic, and most do not speak English or only know enough to barely get by. 

Today most jobs you see advertised in the newspaper are seeking people who are bilingual.

  When I go to the drive-thru at McDonalds, the woman passing out the food doesn’t speak English.  I ask her for napkins and she just smiles and says thank you.  Finally someone has to come over and translate to her what I need.

There are small business owners who hire hispanic workers for cheap labor.  The owners of these businesses don’t take into account that they themselves don’t speak Spanish!  Their employees don’t speak English, so how do they communicate with customers?  They usually hire a hispanic foreman who can speak both English and Spanish.  They are undercutting the average American worker.

I was listening to stories on the radio from college educated Americans who live in Florida, Texas and Louisiana who met all of the qualifications of the job they were applying to excpet for one; the didn’t know how to speak Spanish.

If an American accepted a position in Mexico or any other foreign country, I would have to learn the language of that country.  So how do supporters of this even think that Americans should have to learn to speak Spanish in America?  It does not make sense.

I am going to take it step further.  Black people were constantly chastised for not speaking proper English.  Southern blacks who migrated north were even chastised because they had deep southern accents and spoke broken English.  If you wanted a good job, you had to “clean” up the way you talked.  Even today we get after our youth for speaking ebonics.  We were always told, if you want a job, you have to speak standard English.  We told our youth to leave ebonics on the street…  What do we tell our youth now?  Don’t worry about speaking English, learn Spanish now? 

The point I am trying to make is that in this country we speak English.  If you come to this country for employment, you need to learn English and it should not be at the taxpayers expense and especially not at the tune of 2 billion dollars. 


2 Responses

  1. I never really saw it that way, I would be against illegal immigration if the immigration process wasn’t so slow, complicated, and inefficent. But I have to be honest, if I lived in a country that didn’t allow me to reach my full potential, and my choices were wait 15 – 20 years to get the paperwork to come in legally or brave the border, I would brave the border. I mean why should I be punished because my parents had me on one side of an imaginary line, or border, as opposed to the other. As for being bilingual being an advantage, well yeah it makes since, the fact that many Americans only speak one language shows how difficult learning a second language can be, someone who can do both has more in their arsenal. Teaching english to immigrants, be they legal or illegal, is an investment in our own future as there are a lot of baby boomers, very few of us in comparision, and somebodies got to pay for these peoples social security, we either import more workers who pay into the system, or we pay way more in taxes. I’m for importing more people, but hey everybodies entitled to their opinion and i dig your blog in general.

  2. The thing is, Brandon, I should not be FORCED to learn a non-native language, especially when the official language is English. It should also be illegal for a business to demand that a person speak Spanish. If I want to learn a second language on my own accord, that’s fine.

    It seems if you are here illegally, you are being catered to left and right.

    This is America, and I’ll be damned if I or other native born and LEGAL residents are made to feel like WE are the outsiders. I sick of it. If people want to come here legally, that’s fine. However, i’m tired of our nation being turned into a third world craphole.

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