R Kelly Trial to begin soon

Damn it is about time.  People who read this blog know how I feel about this fool.  It appears that his trial will finally being in September.  It is obvious that he has a problem with underaged woman. 

What has always made me mad, was how some in the black community supported this clown when he was first arrested.  Black folk stood outside of the jail holding signs that said free R. Kelly, as if he was Nelson Mandela.  These are probably the same black folk who don’t vote.  The same black folk who sit around and complain about the system not working for them but refuse to do something about it; but they can create picket signs and protest outside of a police station over someone who refers to himself as the ‘Pied Piper’

Some people say Kelly is innocent until proved guilty, or my favorite one; you have to separate the man from his music.  The Bottom line is this; all too often black folk would rather be entertained then accept the fact that something is not right. 

I remember when R Kelly was arrested for this crime.  He pleaded with his fans that he was not guilty.  He even got a famous Chicago minister to accompany him on BET for an interview with Ed Gordon.  When that didn’t work, Kelly pulled out the secret weapon.  This weapon is so powerful that it can make black people loose their minds and forget about anything a black person does wrong……. The Gospel Song.  Yes, R. Kelly made a gospel song called “He Saved Me”.  He performed it at the NAACP Image Awards; and black people fell for it hook line and sinker.  The Pied Piper played away and mesmerized the crowed.  Black people proclaimed that we must give Kelly a chance because God has touched his soul!!!  Of Course this song came out after his hit song “Ignition”………….

To everyone who has made excuses for this man, replace the young lady in this situation with your sister, daughter or niece.  Even if it was not R. Kelly in the video (which I think it is), he has enough prior incidents with woman to prove that he has a problem! I will not buy any of his CDs and contribute to his profit margin just so I can step in the name of love…. 


8 Responses

  1. I hate to say this, Native, but we all know he is going to walk.

  2. What is interesting to me is Michael Jackson was found not guilty, and he is still being called a molester. I saw the tape with R. Kelly and that was a child. The problem is in the black community just ask your sisters or mothers or aunts and cousins, one or more them have been sexually abused by a male family member, neighbor, friend of a family member, and no one says that is wrong it is never discussed, not even in the pulpits where alot of them sit.

  3. Guinevere:

    I agree with you 100%. I can’t understand for the life of me why we keep giving this clown a pass

  4. i agree
    dude is a clown
    and you are right, he did pull that stunt and we fell for it.

  5. I don’t understand why R Kelly isn’t condemend the way Michael Jackson was? I think the black community is sick of Michael Jackson yet kind of supports him. But there is still a disapproval of Jackson in a way. Yet it sad to say but in the black community I think more people support R Kelly then are willing to OPENLY ADMIT IN PUBLIC. There seems to a SILENT APPROVAL and ACCEPTANCE of R Kelly’s pedophilia. The media branded Jackson guilty before he was proven innocent. Yet with R Kelly there has hasn’t been the same kind of outrage or anger? Could it be because there is an actually acceptance of society of grown men having sex with underage girls?

  6. First, do NOT make blanket statements!! There are no doubt some Blacks (and Whites) who prefer to come together with all the intellect of a herd of cattle rather engage in independent thinking and research when faced with an incident such as this. HOWEVER, they are NOT, nor than they totally represent, ALL of Black America. Second, those who say “innocent until proven guilty” have a very valid point! That is how our system of justice is “supposed” to work! Far too many of us have been “rushed to judgment” or railroaded into swinging on the end of a rope. It should surprise NO ONE, especially one of “us” that there is a reluctance to crucify R. Kelly until due process has been executed. Third, the song, “He Saved Me,” is a beautiful song and a relevant one to many people, Black or White, regardless of who performs it! It is foolish and erroneous to assume that its popularity and impact stems from the fact that R. Kelly recorded it. That is insulting to Christians everywhere who love the song on its own merits. I personally didn’t know or care who sings it! Let the justice system deal with R. Kelly, and let the unqualified, wagging tongues keep silent!

  7. Susie:

    This is an easy one. You have your opinions; the point is R Kelly has a history of absue with woman even before this video tape.

    Sometimes I sit back and shake my head when people loose their common sense just because someone makes a gospel song or makes references to Jesus.

    I find it interesting how R Kelly came out with He saved me, around the same time he came out with the song Ignition; you remember that one don’t you? The words go something like this:

    ‘Let me stick my key in your iginition’

    But let’s forget about the out of court settlements he has made with woman or the child porn charges he is ducking and dodging now, because he wrote a gospel song. He’s off the hook now, let me go and get my “Free R. Kelly” posters ready…… Susie you were right; what was I thinking? Here I am, a socially responsible black man who cares for his people; standing up for black woman. What was I thinking???

  8. I REALLY wish more people thought like you; love your thoughts!

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