When Justice is not Served

Here is a story that wil make you blood boils.  I read this in the Washington Post.  Where is the justice in this case? 

On Halloween night in 2002, Ibrahim Sidibe boarded a Metro bus in Silver Spring with his pregnant fiancee and his best friend, Nicholas Watson. The fiancee mocked a teenage passenger whose earphone-clad head was bobbing back and forth, sending laughter rippling through the bus.  This resulted in Ibrahim getting shot 7 times by the teenager!!!!

The jury found Kelly guilty, but Maryland’s highest court overturned the sentence and Kelly was freed!! 

The criminal justice system in this country is broken.  Especially when it comes to the way it handles cases invloving black people.  What value does this country place on live; in paticular a black life. 

Here we have a 16 y/o black boy who shoots a black man in front of his pregnant financee and this kid is set free?  If Kelly would have shot a white person, I gurantee that his sentenced would have stuck.  What was the Prosecutor in this case doing?  Why wasn’t his case strong enough?  Why did the judge not allow police to testify?   What do you think about this?


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