In the shadow of justice: The Palladium murder Judges, police and witnesses say he’s innocent. So why another trial?

If this case is not a clear cut indication that our criminal justice system is broken, then I don’t know what is.  This is especially true for New York City.  There is a culture within police departments, which in some cases is arrogant and down right racist. When I saw this case on Dateline NBC last night I cringed. 

It should just how the New York Police Deaprtment and DA’s office operates.  They are more concerned about territory then they are enforcing the law.  In this case you have the Manhattan Distrct Attorneys Office who thinks they are above the law.  They ignored evidence, in my opinion, for no reason.  Then when it was brought to their attention by 2 Bronx Police detectives, dismissed their claims!!  Then they wonder why people of color have no faith in the justice system.  The Manhattan D.A. working on this case should be punished; it is a damn shame.


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