Illegal Immigration vs black unemployment

Here is an interesting piece written in USAtoday by DeWayne Wickham. 

Here is the question for you:  does illegal immigration contribute to the unemployment rate of black people; especially young black people?


2 Responses

  1. Illegal immigration impacts all persons in a lower socio economic status. The tobacco fields and horse farms in KY used to employ mainly whites and blacks and paid a fairly decent wage. Then the immigrants moved in and wages either stayed the same or went down because farmers weren’t going to pay more for a native born worker when they could get someone to do it for a lot less. Its simple economics. To combat this, urban and rural youth need to take advantage of education and go into industries that require SKILLED labor (i.e. anything involving computers) because there is currently a shortage in those areas. Also, the United States gov’t needs to reduce the number of LEGAL immigrants they let it, because that also impacts the employment rate.

  2. If you think there is a shortage of technical workers, then you obviously haven’t tried to get or keep a job in IT, when employers want to replace all American workers with foreign guestworkers.

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