Janks Morton- What Black Men Think

Janks Morton is a Prince George’s County native and graduate from my alma mater Bowie State University.  He has a new documentery called What Black Men ThinkThe Washington Post did a review on his docu-study.  I ordered a copy and will give my review after I watch it. 

Well I watched it and here is what I have to say…

It should have been called what Conservative Black Men Think….  The only thing that was some what objective were the stats on college aged black men. 

Anytime you get Project 21, Shelby Steele and Armstrong Williams and Juan Williams in one documentary, you know what they are going to say:  The NAACP, Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton are assisting in hurting black America. 

But they never talk about what they themselves are doing to improve the plight of black people in this country.  I applaud Morton’s efforts, but one must question how much he put into putting this together without getting different perspectives from other great black minds who are in the struggle. 

This documentary seemed to come from the black conservative realm and really offered no solutions on how to improve the current situation. 

Caged Lion  gave a great review of the movie on his blog.  Please read it.


4 Responses

  1. Hi NW, I am awaiting your review. I have bought the movie, and here is my take: http://cagedlion.squarespace.com/journal/2007/8/19/review-what-are-these-black-men-thinking.html

    I would appreciate your feedback.

  2. Saw the clip. However the title should saw Black American Men, as it appears to be dealing with an American problem.

    The current would suggest you are speaking for all black men world wide.

    Is it true that almost 12% of the African American population (not sure if it is men and women or women only) are are HIV positive? How can one check such outlandish claims?

  3. Shalom! Thanks for the posting of the video and information of Janks Morton. Since he graduated from Bowie State University, I would like to know if he has pledged with any fraternities. If so, which one? Many thanks! Blessings and Light!!! Shalom Shalom

    Rich VA USA

  4. This case and situation is the Dred Scott decision of 2009.

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