State Florida Representative: I attempted to solicit sex from a black man because I was scared…

Wait until you read this news story.  This is yet another example of how black people are undervalued, underestimated and marginalized.  GOP State Representative, Bob Allen was arrested last month for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer (Details).  The irony of this story is that the Police Union gave Allen the lawmaker of the year award for creating policies that cracked down on prostitution!!!! 


Of course Allen is proclaiming his innocence and claims this is a big misunderstanding.  And do you know what his defense is?  He did something that a lot of white republicans and conservatives claim black people do all the time; he pulled the race card!

Allen says he was scared because he was surrounded by big black men, and for fear of being robbed, offered to perform oral sex on the undercover cop!! 

State Rep. Allen explains sex case: Fear made me play along

Complete BS.  This is why negative stereotypes will never go away because of jerks like Allen.


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  1. <>

    What kind of half-baked excuse is that? If the men were actual robbers, offering oral sex might just lead to murder. They could’ve seen this as an insult to their manhood.

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