Young Joc: Coffee Shop

I know you have heard this song from Young Joc called Coffee Shop.  I think the song is annoying.  The music reminds you of a nursery rhyme which seems to be a pattern with a lot  of current hip-hop artist. 

I saw the video today.  In the video, Joc is playing four different Eddie Murphay type characters.  He is working in a hood coffee shop that sells everything from shoes to rims for your car. 

I want you to read the lyrics to this song and tell me what you think?  Young Joc claims that this sing is not about drugs (crack).  Read the lyrics and tell me what you think?  Needless to say the song is really annoying to me.

Coffee Shop Lyrics 


3 Responses

  1. i couldn’t help but think about how several years ago i wanted to open a legitamate coffee shop and now, with a song like this, i’m sure i would have an impact on business….ignorance is bliss. i’m sure young joc is ecstatic!

  2. Yeah duh it is about cooking crack and selling it.

  3. of course its about crack!

    what the hell else does Young Joc have to talk about?

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