Inmates of a Philippines jail

Are forced to dance as a form of exercise.  Some are saying that this is cruel because these inmates have no choice and dance to the point that their feet bleed. So what do you think?  At first I didn’t believe this until I saw it on an ABC news special last night.  In the thriller routine, the woman is actually a transvestite inmate.

Sister Act



8 Responses

  1. If they’re dancing to the point of exhaustion, they’re probably too tired to start any kind of trouble. Their days consist of dancing, eating, and sleeping.

    Maybe they’ll think twice about getting into trouble once they’re released. Hey, they might even have the skills to work in some music videos.

  2. abc is such a peice of crap. they have no idea what they’re saying. they don’t FORCE them to dance UNTIL THEIR FEET BLEED. ABC was obviously saying that for publicity. it’s not true. and where did they get that information? &if they were dancing until their feet bleed… how are they dancing in this video?

  3. Cherie: ABC didn’t say that, some human rights groups said that their feet would bleed sometime

  4. who? the white guy with the accent? what does he know? he’s making speculations. he’s blowing it out of proportion. and going as far as saying they’re byron’s monkeys? no one ever said that besides him! These people from the “1st world countries’ over-analyze a lot of things. Why don’t they just appreciate the simple beauty of it. It’s a freaking form of exercise, it’s fun and it’s good for you. They should try it once in a while to get some oxygen in their brains.

  5. Cherie:

    LOL I am just blogging what I saw and heard. I thought it was funny…lol

  6. i’m sorry. i just think it’s funny that people have to question everything that bring people joy.

  7. I hope that they are kicking my man MJ a little dust for using his stuff.

  8. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    this is so damn funny.

    they look like they are having too much fun

    to be in prison

    i love it

    we should start that here

    no, i take thay back

    the inmates will prolly try and sell the videos somehow

    or the prisons will start America’s Next Inmate Idol

    i wonder, do they have to audition for the lead?

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