Michelle Obama holds her ground

Michelle Obama  handled her business this past weekend and sounded off on the blatant attempt to marginalize her husband and Presidential candidate, Barack Obama.

I guess we should all thank Stanley Croutch in all of his ignorance for even starting this whole thing about if Obama is black enough.  It is said when your own people fall victim to cultural conditioning; that is when you undervalue, underestimate and marginalize your own people. 

The question if Obama is black enough not only shows that this country still is not comfortable with the possibility of a black person becoming President, but that some in the black community buy into marginalizing their own people by entertaining these types of discussions. 

Look at how main stream media attempts to make it seem as if Michelle Obama has lost her cool or is going off the deep end by commenting on the ignorant discussions of if her husband is black enough to run for President:

Obama’s black humour

The “Black Enough” Question: Who’s Asking?

Obama’s Wife Decries Blackness Question

The Buzz: Michelle Obama gets testy about blackness questions

Michelle Obama explains husband’s mystique to Reno crowd

Look at the words and phrases they use; black humor and mystique?  What the Fu@#$?

You never hear the media discuss if Hillary Clinton is woman enough, or if Rudy Giuliani is Italian enough.  So why is Obama’s ethnicity even an issue?  It’s all because of cultural conditioning.


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