3 Suspects Arrested in Newark Killings

I want to ask why the nation isn’t more outraged over this?  3 people including two illegal immigrants   are now in custody.  Newark authorities are saying that more people were involved in the execution style killings.  This story has caused outrage in an all ready crime plagued city. 

The father of one of the slain students said that he believed that the shooter(s) were young and maybe apart of a gang initiation. 

My heart is heavy this morning for the three students who were doing things the right way; going to college to make a better life for themselves and their lives are taken. 


7 Responses

  1. I’m glad that the police are on it though. They were also on the Chauncey Bailey case. Maybe the media doesn’t play up these cases but is it more important that the perpetrators are caught or that the crimes are widely publicized? That wasn’t a real question, just me struggling in my mind with the two sides. I would be happier if the perps were caught than if they were not caught but the crimes were publicized widely in the mainstream. In both cases suspects were found quickly. I would be more upset if it took a long time for someone to be found and if it looked like the police were not doing anything. Just my thoughts 🙂

  2. I agree with you Bronzetrininty. I am glad the police were up on both cases. These 3 young kids had their whole lives ahead of them; and it is gone, and so violent. I can’t imagine getting shot, but getting shot execution style on your knees on your back? sigh…

  3. Technically if the gang was charged under the Rico act as part of organized crime couldent they all be charged with murder if this was part of some initiation.

  4. I believe that this gang initiation aspect if true will be down played.

  5. I hope its not downplayed and that something really happens to start fighting gangs. This is ridiculous!

  6. What a tragedy? They were getting ready to go to college. This just goes to show you that surviving the mean streets is sometimes a matter of luck. You can get whacked being in the wrong place at the wrong time like driving home over a friggin bridge.

  7. Having lived in LA for the past 2 years I know how intense the gang situation can be. As quiet as it is kept there is actually a low level war ongoing between Black and Latino (actually mostly Mexican) street gangs in southern California. Mexican gang members are taking over drug turf form the Bloods and the Crips, but the war is spilling over into the schools and prisons. Innocent Black youth have been targeted and killed. Shootings and killings occur on almost a weekly basis. Sadly, it appears that this madness may spread to other parts of the country. Those kids who were killed in Newark were innocent, and not gang members. My own conjecture is that they were selected – either for robbery or murder primarily because they were Black. You see unfortunately, quite a few of our new immigrant neighbors (of both the legal and illegal variety) harbor bigoted and racist attitudes towards Blacks. They have absolutely no respect for Black people. Just check out how Blacks are treated around the world. The proper response is not to beg them to become our friends, but to let them know in no uncertain terms that we will defend our families our homes and our natural perogatives. City officials and Black leaders who try to downplay or ignore the problem will only make it worse. We need to wake up. If we don’t step up now, what you are witnessing now will only be the beginning.

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