Crime in America

Crime and violence is a serious issue in this country.  And from the stories I have been reading lately, black on black crime is on the rise.  DOJ released a report showing crime statistics as it relates to black people.  The Washington Post highlighted the study in an article.  But we have to be careful of how you compile data and what part of the data we use to make comparisons.  Let me explain…

 The DOJ stats show that even though black people consist of 13% of the population, half of the people murdered in the U.S. were black; and out of those black people murdered, almost 90% were at the hands of another black person.  Every time a new crime stat is composed, they often preface with black people only consist of 13% of the U.S. population.  This gives the perception that blacks are killing at an extremley higher rate.

Since the new DOJ stats focused only on crime as it relates to black people, it didn’t highlight the total murders in this country that were white on white crimes.  So what does all of this mean?

This means that the majority of the communities in our country are still self-segregated.  So when crimes are committed it is usually against someone of that race.  Stats can be used to make different comprisons it is important that when people analyze stats that they compare them stats that compliment each other. 

The reason I say this is because of the piece that Pat Buchanan wrote.  According to Mr. Buchanan, black people are committing more crimes against white people then black people.  He even alludes that this is the reason why black people have a hard time hailing cabs. 

I guess Buchanan is sending out an alert to white America that they should fear us.  We all know that this country has a history of taking drastic action when they get scared.  When slaves were freed, the Ku Klux Klan because some whites were fearful that slaves would kill them and take all their land and money.  This article has skewed the stats to make it appear that black people are killing off white people.  He even charges that Bush Justice Department has purposely left this out of their study.  Of course there are black on white murders, but the way he has presented his data is almost like the propaganda that racist used during Jim Crow and the Civil Right’s Movement. 

Here is an article from  that puts things in perspective.  Even though there are certain items in this piece I take excpetion to, most of it is on point.

What do you think about Pat Buchanan’s piece and the blackcommentator’s piece.  I want your feedback.


3 Responses

  1. I just stumbled across this looking for something on crime statistics. I am amazed at your comments – do you really believe the main point is that Buchanan is ringing a warning bell for whites. Funny, Funny, Funny. Pssssst, white people don’t know the crime statistics, because it would not be politically incorrect for the news media to actually report the overwhelmingly one-sideness of black on white crime.
    Your comments reveal what is usually true in matters of this type, namely, that many blacks (including you apparently) can twist almost anything into something to whine about. After all, this time all you did was turn it completely upside down. Pssst again, its more than “of course there are black on white murders,” its actually “blacks commit violent crimes against whites at 10 times the white-on-white rate and 110 times the white-on-black rate.” If whites ever figure this out, then you might need to worry. But you just have fun making references to spooks like the KKK until then.

  2. Yea-Right:

    If you thought I meant that he was actually sounding an alarm then you missed my point.

  3. Dear Mr. YEA
    Whites commit major crimes like invading other countries, especially countries of people who are close to brown. Isn’t that how the US was started. Whites have almost eliminated the “AMERICAN INDIAN” and the next project is to ignore Black America while destroying the middle east so America and Isreal can control the empire.
    If the stats are true about crime it is sad to say. But America , White America will never ever ever cleanse itself of the worst holicost ever and that is slavery up until the present time. That stinch and blood will forever be upon your hands. And the bloodline continues. That is why you see things the way you do it is in your blood!!!!

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