My Last Mike Vick Post

I found these two pieces interesting (Michael Vick: You Should Have Been Beating Women Instead and Bottom line: Vick did this to himself).  Let me know what you think about these articles. 

I predict that he will meet with PETA and the Humane Society; donate some money and perhaps do a couple of PSAs.  But we will see.  I tried not to comment on this too much because the media is in overdrive with the coverage.  But I will say that he should not be banned from the NFL. Hopefully he has learned his lesson.

And for those who say that race did not play in the coverage of his case; it does to a certain extent.  I can’t tell you how many racist comments I have read on the net concerning Vick; and some have even attempted to claim victory linking O.J. Simpson to Vick.  The comments I read stated that this will make up for O.J. not going to jail.  What does O.J. have to do with Vick? 

This is my last Mike Vick post.  

The End

6 Responses

  1. John P. McKenzie Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation. MAYBE YOU “WILL” POST THIS VERSION?
    August 24th, 2007 at 1:29 am

    Michael Vick is many things.

    What Michael Vick “DID” has relegated him to the garbage heap of the human species.

    I do not give a shit the color of his skin. I do care that his heart is BLACK if it exists at all.

    YOU tell me – how the hell can anyone HATE like that?

    The President of the NAACP hit the nail on the head.

    Vick HAS to take responsibility for his actions.

    With his high priced liars … lawyers and a**holes like YOU
    justifying for him he will NEVER grow up and become a man.

    MLK talked of the “content of a man’s heart”.

    Vick has NO heart. Apparently you don’t, either.

    FU – and pass this comment to Vick, please:

    Vick – you are a son-of-a-bi*ch and I hope you get the max because you are “defective” …. man.

  2. Excuse me, I do have a heart; and you will not disrespect me on my own page. I have said that if Vick is guilty then he needs to accept his fate. But the media and PETA reaction is over board. PETA has even called for Vick’s jersey and trophies to be removed from Virginia Tech; way overboard.

    Just by reading your comments it is obvious that you have serious issues. Do you get this outraged when someone is raped? Do you get this ourtaged when a woman is beat by her husband? Do you get this made at the genocide that is taking place in Darfur?

    And I don’t know Vick, so you pass the message along to him…………

  3. “The comments I read stated that this will make up for O.J. not going to jail. What does O.J. have to do with Vick? ”

    Yes that is pure racism.

  4. i posted my next-to-last Michael Vick entry on plezWorld a few days ago… since he’s taken the plea agreement, i guess there’s not much to say. he has admitted to operating and bankrolling a dogfighting enterprise, he has admitted to interstate commerce in dogfighting, and he has admitted to facilitating illegal gambling on dogfighting. he has been summarily kicked out of the NFL indefinitely… and he’ll probably get at least a year in prison.

    Vick cast his lot with the wrong crew, who ratted him out (and basically bit the hand that fed them for the past 6 years). He has no one left to trust: all of his friends snitched and his father ratted him out in a recent newspaper interview. Vick needs a NEW START!

    When he gets out of jail and is reinstated in the NFL (I predict he’ll be gone for the next 2 seasons following this one), I pray that he finds some new friends… and a new hobby!

  5. As an animal lover, Mr. Vicks actions are hard to stomach. However, why is America not outraged about the “Jena 6.” Ever news station and paper have been talking about Mr. Vick non-stop. I have not once seen anything about these young men, that have been in jail for at least a year, on bogus charges and will have the rest of their lives stripped away.
    Where is the protesting? Where is the public outcry for this miscarriage of justice? Where is the media? Is a humans life worth less then an animals?

    I could go on and on with questions…but I think this is enough for now. If anyone has answers to these question I would love to hear them.

  6. Ebony:

    I could not have said it better. I understand that dog fighting is wrong, but we hear nothing about the Jena 6 or Gernalow Wilson or the many other injustices that are happening throughout our country. Men who beat their wives don’t even get this much outrage or coverage; it is ridiculous

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