Hurrican Katrina: Aftermath alive and well

It is a shame that 2 years after Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans is still a mess.  The President along with Nagin and Blanco saved face today; shaking hands and conducting pomp and circumstance; while hospitals are still closed, homes are still not rebuilt and crime is off the hook. Bush claims that hope will save the day and that he does see progress in the gulf coast.  Perhaps if he would have visited the devastated neighborhoods instead of the rebuilt tourist areas he would have saw the real picture.  Maybe if he would have needed medical attention and found out how many medical centers were closed and abandoned would he have realized that Hope is not enough…

Some people would like you to believe that the people of New Orleans are asking for ‘hand-outs’ and often times attempt to compare how Mississippi is progressing faster then Louisiana.  Even the Governor of Mississippi  seems to believe that the reason why the people of Mississippi are picking up the pieces faster then those in New Orleans is because they are more resilient. 

Watch what the Governor of Mississippi said on Scarborough Country last year.   He interviewed Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour.  Scarborough asked him about why Mississippi seemed to be making more progress then Louisiana.  Governor Barbour had the audacity to say that that the people of Mississippi were strong and resilient:

“Our people weren’t looking for anyone to blame; there weren’t whining; Mississippi is not into victim hood”

“We got hit by one of the worst natural disasters in American History, but our people that day got up; hitched up their britches; and went to work.”

“They went to work helping themselves and helping their neighbors; and that’s the way it’s been ever since; and that spirit makes all the difference in the world.”

“They’re the kind of people that are just not going to quit.”

Let’s take at look at these comments Governor Barbour made.  The Governor said that his people were not looking for anyone to blame and that they were not crying, who is comparing them too?  I could only think of the people of Louisiana and particularly New Orleans.  The people of the NO were not sitting back letting the flood waters drown them to death.  Men and women were helping the elderly, most of them who were in wheelchairs and bed ridden by carrying them or making make shift wagons and pulled them to safety.  Babies were dying and people were passing out.  Many poor people, especially people of color had medical conditions such as diabetes and epilepsy and had no medicine.  Some people had to watch their loved ones die in their arms or close to them.   The Dome in New Orleans which the government instructed everyone to head too for safety became a living pit of hell.  So who the fuck was sitting back whining and asking for handouts?  It was a time of crisis in the midst of a natural disaster.  If any time was appropriate to ask for help from the government, it was then!!    

Even in 2007 people still feel this way.  No one is asking for a hand out; they are looking for a hand-up!  Mississippi was not 80% under water like New Orleans was.  God Bless all the victims of Hurricane Katrina. 


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