Stripper turned Real Estate Agent turned Housewife turned Mess

All you have to do is read what this woman is accused of doing and you will understand the title of my post….

Prince George’s Fairy Tale Unravels For Woman at Center of Fraud Probe


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  1. Great Post! Foreclosure and Real Estate Fraudsters are having a field day.

    It all starts when the bank publishes notice that a homeonwer is behind on their house (or tax) payments. As soon as the predators find out they arrive at the

    homeowners doorstep posing as caring friends and they will promise to solve their problems.

    The predators play on homeowner’s fears about losing their home. They try to scare distressed sellers and increase their worries over how they are going to catch

    up on payments. And they hound homeowners into making decisions favorable to them.

    But people can protect themselves. There are honest foreclosure rescuers out there. You just need to know the simple ways to find them.

    Foreclosure Fraud Alert> – How to Protect from Foreclosure Rescue Fraud
    Foreclosure Fraud-Blog>

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