20% of D.C. students absent Day 2

Ummm 20%?  Why?  For the life of me I just don’t understand.  What is going on with parents?  What were these kids doing; chillin and hanging out while school is in session? sigh……

20% of D.C. students absent Day 2


2 Responses

  1. The “No Child Left Behind Act” primarily focuses on what to do to teachers and administrators when the children don’t make adequate yearly progess.

    While I agree that teachers and administrators have a tremendous role in a student’s academic success, a lot of what “No Child Left Behind Act” does not address is what will happen when parents don’t meet teachers and administrators half-way by sending their children to school fed, with supplies, with instruction on how to behave, EVERYDAY and ON TIME.

    Until we ‘legislate’ what parents will be responsible for (like we do teachers and administrators) unfortunately, these trends will continue. And D.C. is NOT the exception with the attendance issue – it is part of the rule, now.

  2. a school program that does not take into account the role of PARENTS in the education of their children will never be a success. unless there is some accountability given to parents, public schools (especially in the urban areas where there are large concentrations of under-educated, unmarried, unemployed, neglectful parents) will continue to be the bane of progress for Black people.

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