Teenager Among 5 Slain Within 27 Hours

I just don’t get it.  As I was reading this story, so many questions popped into my head;  a 15 and 16 y/o dead.  Where are the parents?  What were this kids doing?  Where were the parents?  Where were the parents? 

 Where were the parent???

3 Responses

  1. in a society where it is the norm for children to raise themselves, there is bound to be a breakdown of social norms and repeated instances of the lack of common sense: senseless murders of children, lack of education of the children, inappropriate dress of the children (sagging pants and video ho hot pants), blatant use of the n-word, and on-and-on-and-on… stories like this makes me SICK!

    …and makes me want to send the parents (along with their bad ass bastard children) to prison.

  2. What does it take to make a parent? It has nothing to do with brains or responsibility – in fact, those with less of both tend to have more children.

    I wish I had more knowledge of how to raise teenagers when I was a young parent. I had taken classes in infant and child care and then preschool and after-school care, but none of these really covers what to do when they start to become teenagers. The public schools don’t usually help parents with that either.

    There was one rule I wish I had known about to use with my kids: no riding in cars with drivers under age 21. Luckily, my kids are adults now and didn’t have a serious problem, but that one rule can save lives, not to mention abuse and delinquency. And when teenagers learn to drive, they should not be driving around their teenage friends either.

  3. More important than where were the parents on that particular night is where were they all the other times when this kid needed guidance? I think it comes down to all of us failing our kids.

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