Eddie Griffin; Lights Out

Eddie Griffin  got the boot from a comedy show that was being sponsored by Black Enterprise Magazine.  Wow, did he really think that Black enterprise Magazine would allow him to perform his routine laced with the word nigger?  After his mike was pulled it is reported that he yelled “Fuck Yall” as he left the stage……   I guess the joke was on Eddie Griffin….lol

Some of us in the black community must learn how to stop underestimating, undervaluing and marginalizing ourselves.  What will it take for some of us to realize that the word nigger has historic racial overtones; it is disrespectful to our ancestors?


5 Responses

  1. Yeh we’ve been talking about this over at Highbrid Nation. One thing that is for sure is that Eddie was not keeping in mind his audience when he started and the Black Enterprise people were not considering the material of Eddie when they booked him. Before it becomes a matter of if the N word is ok or not its a matter of thinking about the people you are gonna be dealing with.

  2. Eddie Griffin is a very funny guy, he’s funny with or without the N-word.

    Bottom line, the more stuff like this happens, the more people realize ho serious this is to some of us, and even if “they” still want to use the word, “they” will at least know around “us” to act like they know, even if they don’t.

    Much respect to Earl Graves

  3. I think Eddie Griffin is funny in movies. But last week I sat down to watch his comedy show on tv. I had to change the channel because of his gratuitous use of the n-word. I couldn’t take it. I hate that word and I can’t listen to it.

  4. Native Son
    I need some help getting the word out about an upcoming Domestic Violence Walk. The walk will be held at Hains Point in DC but it will benefit a house in DC as well as a house in Maryland. I have tried contact several organizations of color and I am still having challenges getting the word out. We can discuss why that is but in the mean time can you post : In the National Capital Region, in Washington, DC, there is a shortage of beds for victims of Domestic Violence. Right here in Washington, CD there are only 48 shelter beds to support on average 175 women a week seeking refuge from domestic abuse. In the United States, a woman is abused or battered by her husband, boyfriend, or live-in partner every 15 seconds. By the time you read this article, ten women — too many will have been abused. Join Women of Freedom Foundation on Sunday September 30 2007 at Hains Point-East Potomac Park as we walk/run against Domestic Violence

  5. I know it’s probably not cool to post urls here but I really think this link ties in nicely to this discussion. I shot most of it last week right before Edie worked his comedy magic in Miami.


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