Washington, DC Community Event

Bequiessence wanted me to help her spread the word about this very important event.

 Domestic Violence Walk

The walk will be held at Hains Point in DC but it will benefit a house in DC as well as a house in Maryland.

 In the National Capital Region, in Washington, DC, there is a shortage of beds for victims of Domestic Violence. Right here in Washington, CD there are only 48 shelter beds to support on average 175 women a week seeking refuge from domestic abuse. In the United States, a woman is abused or battered by her husband, boyfriend, or live-in partner every 15 seconds. By the time you read this article, ten women — too many will have been abused. Join Women of Freedom Foundation on Sunday September 30 2007 at Hains Point-East Potomac Park as we walk/run against Domestic Violence.


2 Responses

  1. I can’t believe that no-one had a comment about the Domestic Violence Walk.

  2. Nichole:

    If I was talking about Mike Vick and dog abuse, this post would have been flooded with comments… just proves my point; In this country, main stream America chooses what issues are important. You can kill someone, beat your wife, or rap someone but if you abuse a dog its the end of the world……..

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