Bowie State University student Julian McCormick Found Alive

Thank God Julian McCormick was found alive.  It is amazing that he survived.  As an alum of Bowie State University I am sure that everyone on campus is releaved.

5 Responses

  1. Same here..I sadly admit I was thinking the worse, especially given the crime rate around here. Maybe we all have been conditioned unintentionally to believe he was gone. I’m very glad he is safe.

  2. If Julian could pull himself out of the car and climb up a ravine, why couldn’t he pull himself to a road, where he might have been seen? Did he have a cellphone? And what is a college student doing with a pocketknife?
    He was able to catch a fish, but not get help? Something’s not right here – He was less than a mile from home.

  3. I think he was out cold for 2 days and then was too weak to pull himself out. What do you think is not right?

  4. Give me a break!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Why does every accident need to be someone’s fault?
    He had an accident…and he is alive. Now let the lawyers prevail.

    Shame on his family. Let the lucky victim’s syndrome prevail; it is alive and well in America.

  5. p a morgan: shame on his family for what?

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