West Virginia Hate Crime/Rape

This has to be one of the sickest, foul racist acts that I have heard of in a long time.  6 white people have been arrest and charged with multiple crimes for kidnapping a black woman, raping her and making her eat rat and dog feces (Deputies: Woman Was Tortured, 6 Charged) .  They also stabbed her and made her drink out of a toilet.  The victim told police that they told her: “This is what we do to niggers around here”, which is why the FBI is investigating this as a hate crime.  It is 2007 and this is still happening!!  The Smoking Gun  has pictures of these animals.  Listen to the interview with the victim’s mother

So where is the outrage?  Main-stream America was outraged over the Michael Vick situation where dogs were raped but where is main stream America’s outrage over this?  I guess if you are not man’s best friend, main stream America could care less about the situation……


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  1. Thanks for the post I am still steaming over this shit

  2. Have you ever heard of Channon Christian? She was murdered this past January by 6 Black guys who gang raped her, beat her, poured bleach down her throat, cut off her breast, and killed her date. His penis was cut off and he was beaten.

    It seems like no one wanted to call this case a Hate crime. I don’t understand why blacks always pull the race card and if they don’t get enough media attention they run to rev. Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. Channon Christian was killed by 6 BLACK people. That crime was much worse than this girl who was kidnapped. But yet, CNN nor Fox covered the story. Because black people would start arguing that it wasn’t a hate crime. Sometimes I wish the south would have won. Why don’t you chew on that!

  3. They should be summarily executed!! At least that’s what I’d do to them in Liberia when I take over!

    Seriously, I am against capital punishment on general principle that an innocent person could and probably has been executed, but if I can make an exception, this would be it.

  4. Lisa:

    Your the reason why I have this blog. Thank you for your post. You truly support my argument that some people in main stream America are ignorant to many many things.

    The FBI has stepped in this case because while this black girl was being held in capitivity and being raped, they told her: “this is what we do to niggers around here”

    I have never heard of the case you are referring to. If they can prove that the black boys raped and killed this girl because she was white, then they should be charged with a hate crime. We are talking about the case that unfolded this week. And that’s the problem; some white people are still mad that the South didn’t win. Well I will say what some people tell black people to do when it comes to racism in this country: GET OVER IT!!!!

  5. Yes, Native..this is a shocking, despicable and disgusting crime. ANY person of sound moral terpitude should be outraged.

    Lisa..I don’t know what your point is, and yes, I heard about that crime. Let’s not go comparing crimes here. Both are equally reprehensible.

  6. From the reports I’ve heard, this crime seems to be a clearcut hate crime (and I’m fairly certain that came up without Sharpton or Jackson’s involvement). Interestingly, the pictures of the alleged criminals goes a long way toward disproving any sort of white racial superiority…

  7. NativeSon you are on top of things as usual. I am glad that Lisa found some place where she can post her “outrage” that African-Americans live with every single day. You are absolutely right if they were racially motivations in this crime and they were found guilty they should be charged.

    Regardless of whatever race you are you classified all black people of doing one thing. I did not see in your post that you were concerned about the young woman who “Survived” this incident and will have to live with it along with her family.

    I never heard about the crime you mentioned. Perhaps I was busy, Perhaps the media did a horrible job reporting it. But the Media does not always get it right. That’s probably why Blogging is going to be so successful because people including you will have opportunities to post your outrage.
    I come to Native’s Son’s sight to keep updated on what is going on in the community and to discuss items that do not normally get much light.

    So thank’s for informing us about a horrific crime. If you really want to do something about it discuss why this type of crime regardless of the race of the victims and the victimize.

    My outrage is that animal rights activist can push to have more time on Michael Vick but they will be no where to be seen when it comes to prosecuting this case or the case you mentioned. These racist people need to feel the full extent of the law.

    Remember when you reached back to Channon Christian you skipped a whole lot of other crimes that happened this year.

  8. If mainstream America had heard about this, they’d be outraged too. I don’t understand why it isn’t on CNN’s mainpage. Probably afraid of inciting riots again.

  9. Now they are saying it’s not a hate crime…Still doesn’t lessen the brutality…

  10. NS, I thought you did blog about Channon Christian?

  11. uniquealias: inciting riots? CNN all ready reported this story and there was not any violence. What are you trying to say?

  12. Here is another case of white men attacks black woman that never made national.


  13. This crap is alive and well in American, and it is our continual shame. Its just so repulsive.

  14. What I was saying is that when I first heard about the story on the Drudge Report on Tuesday, I immediately checked CNN to get more info, and I didn’t see anything on their main page. I checked a few times throughout the day and still didn’t see anything. Up until Wednesday I didn’t see a word of it, it was all news about some girl who escaped a Mormon spin-off cult, some Michael Vick analysis, and a whole bunch of other crap.

    CNN should’ve had that story splashed in big red letters on it’s site. That is some unfathomably f*cked up stuff and that’s the only reason I can think of that the media would play the story down.

  15. To clarify: I think that fear of violence is the only reason the media would play the story down. I’m still surprised I haven’t heard it mentioned at work. Those Duke Lacross kids were all I heard about for six months, but now we have stone-cold psychopaths on the hook for doing this and it’s like “whatever” ????

  16. I would like to respond to Lisa’s response .
    We as black would love to ” Get over it” but it is people like you that won’t allow that to happen. Rape and torture does not have a color because it can happen to anyone. But just in case you haven’t notice Lisa what happens in your community makes the news. If you were missing it will be all over the news , if I were missing my family would have to post fliers. We are over in Iraq fighting against terrorism and people of color are still being terrorized in america. America has the oldest terrorist group in the history of this country the KKK and america has not been able to stop them nor do they want to.
    So Lisa if you want blacks to get over , get over the fact that whites are not better than anyone else. and the history of hatred that your people have contributed to society makes me believe that satan does exist. Stop putting every black person in the same bag you guys are good at that but not to your own. Instead of supporting equality you want us to get over your hatred towards us. stop hating and we will gladly get over it.

  17. Lisa, IF what you say is true( which I believe is pure BS ) BELIEVE me , when something happens to YOU people by black people, its plastered on the FRONT page of EVERY newspaper in the country. This is to , ( english spoken first in the homes ) black people. WHY are you shocked that this still goes on? Nothing that happens in this world shocks me. Especially when it happens to us. There is absolutely, no reason , why there isnt much coverage over this incident. I read this in the Daily News newspaper here in NYC on page 19. But on the cover of the newspaper, its about that stinking whore, Britney Spears. Black people, i say to you, stop kissing other peoples rear end to be accepted. Did any of you hear about the ropes hanging around the campus at the University of Maryland this past Monday? Hanging from trees and hanging from trees around the African study hall on campus. I wouldnt have known about this incident if I werent watching , (how ironic)
    West Virginia Mountaineers vs Maryland this past thursday night on ESPN. Black students were shocked. You need to tell your kids about how much we are hated Globally, instead of being jealous over each other over bullsh*t such as, clothes , cars, texture of hair and who has the most jewelry( FOOLS GOLD, in otherwords fake jewelry ). This hatred against us will NEVER go away, the most dangerous disease on this planet, isnt AIDS( there is a cure for that, people , did you hear about what the Cuban Dr.’s have come u done for this curable disease ) its racism.

  18. Pardon me”What Cuban Dr’s have done.”

  19. There is soooo much outrage about Michael Vick and pitbulls. Yes, what an idiot to jeopardize a career over dog fighting. Pitbulls, does anyone know how they got there name? Lets see, these TERRIER dogs were/are built like bulls, placed in pits in England and fought to the death.So stop with this BS about it being a” inner city activity “.They’ve only had this name for OVER 300 years plus. But after all of these decades of reffering to these dogs as, VICIOUS. Now almost EVERY freaking dog commercial has a pitbull on it as if they are the nicest dogs on the planet. If Vick is 100% wrong for what he did, why isnt it against the law in ALL 50 states? Inner city thing, eh? Idaho and Wyoming are the 2 states that allow dogfighting. The population percentage of “inner city” people in these two states is less than 2 %( the majority of these percentages is probably on College Campus’ ) So if Michael Vick had been involved in dogfighting in either of these two states, noone would have said anything, eh? Just two years ago, a member of the New York Knicks basketball team ddint receive much coverage for his involvment in pitbull fighting. They are going to make an example out of Vick. They didnt want him to make this much money to begin with. BUT , it is HIS FAULT. He grew up in Virgnia, he should have known better. When these black athletes make all of this money, they should know they are being watched. Not just in Virginia, in all of the 50 states. But for some reason, just because they are making this money, ( here we go again ) they believe they are accepted. People hate you even more.

  20. NEWYORKCIY: Right on point

  21. What kind of mess was that.I say it is a hate crime and if you dont then you have a problem.On judgement day i fell sorry, for a lot of people.You must dont beleave in God

  22. this message is for lisa who posted a comment on black people. Lisa, it’s people like you who make black people to always think negative about white people, because they’re always trying to come out of their mouths with dumb shit, like the comment you made. You act like black people shoudn’t talk about what happened to their ancestors. It’s history wether you like it or not. Thank GOD people still talk about or white people would still try to beat on black people. This is not the old slavery days, and black people are not going to take white people’s shit no more. so chew on that, and I know you’ll be chewing for a long time.(smile)

  23. crystal:

    Good looking out. I get tired of trying to explain things to people.

  24. This is the most horrific crime I have ever read about. These 6 people should be put through exactly what they did to that sweet girl. I read about this several days ago and it continues to haunt me. I can not even imagine what this mother may be feeling. I have two very precious girls of my own and it would take the grace of god for me to be able to deal with. I wish we all could look at one another and not see a color. We are all children of God. It is really sad that there will be people that want to make this a race thing. This was definitely a hate crime. The bottom line is these people don’t deserve to be on this earth.

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