Breaking News: Appeals Court Tosses Conviction In Jena 6 Case

YES!! We won this battle;  A Louisiana appeals court has tossed out the battery conviction of Mychal, but the war is not over with yet.  This past Monday, the DA filed juvenile charges against Mychal Bell.  I still think Thursday should be a day of protest adn outrage.  Those who are going to Rally in Jena and in Washington, D.C. like myself, should keep things as planned in my opinion. 

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  1. I am still going to Jena,LA and I’m happy to report the bus is full!! We definitely should protest. We have buttons if anyone wants to join in. Native son thanks for keeping us up to date and the story alive.

  2. We still need to be vigilant, because we really yet to WIN this battle. According to the reports, the adult charges have been tossed out, but only the adult charges. The facts of the case dictate that there should be no charges. In Washington, D.C. a fight between 2 students would be no more than that, a fight – and at most would require a in-school suspension. The District Attorney is still looking at charging Mychal Bell with charges that hold 5 year incarceration times – but there is no charges levied toward the participating white student.

    What have we really won? Until Mychal Bell is completely exonerated the battle rages on.

  3. The Young man is still in jail today, and the district attorney is appealing the decision all the way to LA supreme court.
    So we still have work to do!!!!!!


  5. I’m wondering where I can write in support of the protests in Jena. Unfortunately, I can’t make it down there in person (though Lord knows I’d love to), so I feel an email or letter would be the next best thing. Anybody know that contact info?

  6. DS check out my other jena 6 post that has addresses to the DAs office and the Mayor

  7. I am pursing my political science degree at Huston-Tillotson Univesity in Austin, Texas. I like some of the information on your page. May I please have permission to use it in my blog for my Advanced Composition class? I will credit you whenever it is something I have used from here. We have to post it as a blog online, so as soon as I get my teacher approval and yours I will give you my semester long blog on the Jena 6 and similar cases. It will be done through Thank you for your time.

  8. Hello thank you for posting on my page. What material from my blog would you use? I think I wouldn’t mind, I just a little more detail.

    Native Son

  9. Just have a question as a white male. What if it was 6 white guys and 1 black man? When Katrina hit I was a there in 2 days to help PEOPLE regardless of color and was shocked to have blacks try to rob and harm me when I was there to help. Im from San Antonio, Texas and I have never seen anything like this before. This made me have a bad feeling about blacks that I never had before. And now to think that people want 6 guys to get out of trouble after all of them beat up 1 guy at the same time. If this was a 1 on 1 fight it would be no problem but it was 6 (a gang) of boys against 1 person. Punishment is due just as I would expect if it was 6 whites beating 1 black. Not to sound rude but in my book all this protest for this crime in suport of the 6 boys for something they did wrong sets blacks back and gives me a new look at black people that I never had before. The sad part is the feeling is hate. What people should protest is for the whites to be in trouble for what they did as well. I have alot of black friends and they say there just glad they dont live in LA and feel both the whites and the blacks should be in trouble. Some times I wish every one had grey skin so there wouldnt be a race problem. Oh I also think OJ was set up and I would want my stuf back also if I was in his shoes.

  10. Hey Jim:

    Let me be clear on this. No one is condoning violence. but the beating was a result of the hanging of the nooses. People did not rally because we are in favor or approve of the 6 black students beating up the white students. We are saying that this fight should have been handeled by the school district.

    And once again, there was racial tension in that school including the last straw, which was the hanging of the nooses. I don’t know how else to explain the significance of lynching to you then to just tell you to google the word black and lynching and see the images that pop up.

    I also want you to listen to what you said in one part of your comment. You said: “If this was a 1 on 1 fight it would be no problem but it was 6 (a gang) of boys against 1 person”

    I have heard of 1 student getting jumped by more then 2 students and i have never heard of anyone student in this country getting charged with 2 degree attempted murder or aggravated battery ever. The students are suspended, and maybe tried in the juvi court.

    Once again I think that all the people involved in this case should have been suspended and then been made to seek professional help because the racial tension in that school was too intense and administrators should have stepped in to resolve the problem before the noose incident took place.

    As far as you getting robbed, I am sorry to hear that. But let me ask you something Jim? If you would have been robbed by 6 white men, would you hate all white men? So why have that same feeling towards black people? Yeah I wish we were all the same color, but then I wake up really quick when things like this happen.

    Those 6 black men who robbed you do not represent all black men. And the white students who hung nooses from the tree do not represent the the behavior of all white people.

    I want to help you understand this is more then just 6 black boys beating up a white boy. Once again I think that the problem between whites and blacks in this country is that we don’t listen to each other.

    Just listen to this; in 2006 black students in Jena, LA had to ask permission if it was ok to eat lunch under a tree that was reserved for white students? 2006!! just that bit of information enough should have everyone in this country outraged at this whole situation. I am not saying let the 6 boys off the hook, what I am saying is that this should have been resovled on the school level.

    Jim, we were not rallying to support the violent acts that took place, we were rallying because of the racist acts that took place that lead up to the beating and how the law in Jena completly ignored the racial aspect of the noose hanging. We are also outraged that the law also charged these boys with 2 degree murder and now aggravated assault.

  11. Well it sounds as if the problem is with the small town law in Jena. Again I stand firm that the whites should be punished as well as the blacks. Its just hard for me to understand why in my town most people of all color get along and work side by side and in other towns they dont. I say give them some boxing gloves let them go to blows, in the end they will end up freinds. I think the tree should be cut down and then have the white and black kids work together and replant about 20 new trees around the school with there own money. Sounds like a good punishment for all to me. Talk about something to read in a history book in 50 years! Thank you for your polite reply.

  12. Jim:
    That would be something to put in the history books wouldn’t it? It would be nice and I still have hope that some day it will become a reality. I am glad that your town has it together. It is always a small portion of bad apples that make living difficult.

  13. Hey Jim
    Take note that they were allegedly accused of beating the white boy. Also make note that the witness to the alledge attact was one of the boys who hung the noose.The one who was not near the fight and went to class with his girlfriend was picked up and charged the next day and guess who that was ? The boy who initially asked to sit under the tree. This is not a black and white issue. It became racist when the 3 boys put the noose on the tree. apparently someone is still teaching their kids that blacks are not equal. Kids are not born racist they are taught it. Just like men are taught that they are superior to women. If this was a swatstika and Jewish kids this case would have ended with the swastika and it would have been a hate crime. Why is that America refers any hate crimes that are towards black people as a prank, or a silly thing to do. Those boys new the meaning of hanging a rope from a tree and they were not born in the 50’s or the 60’s.

  14. no we aint won the battle cuz they still filing charges

  15. I have my blogspot now. My piece won’t be posted until next week pending my professor’s approval. Thanks to googling information about the Jena 6, I just happened to come across your blog and it helped me. Anyways, for future reference my blog is Thanks again.

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