14 y/o shot by Police

Joe Madison the Black Eagle talked about this incident this morning on his radio show.  He lives in the neighborhood where this took place and knows the police officers involved in this shooting of a 14 y/o

What neighbors have told Joe Madison was that the 2 off duty police officers who live in the neighborhood were in pursuit of a stolen bike of one of the officers.  They spotted 2 youth and the bike.  When they approached them, they told them that the bike was stolen.  The youth responded “what are you going to do about it”  When they identified themselves as police, the 14 y/o pulled out a gun, the police shot back and killed the 14 y/o.

Of course the neighborhood was outraged, while the police were conducting their investigation, bystanders were swearing at the police officers. 

If what Madison said is true, then tell me when we say enough is enough.  Why isn’t the community more outraged that a 14 y/o stole a bike, had a gun and shot at police officers? 

It is sad when anyone dies, especially a child, but this child allegedly had a gun and opended fire on police officers.  Why weren’t these kids in the house preparing for school?  Once again where are the parents? 

If what Madison heard was true, then the community needs to turn and look at themselves and how they are raising their children.  Of Course The mom and the dad were on TV saying that it wasn’t in their child’s nature to have a gun.  But was it in his nature to steal?  And I may be wrong but I think someone in the community picked up the gun that is missing. 


5 Responses

  1. This is a tragedy on many levels. But as I blogged, the most tragic piece to me is the fact this youth (age 14) was supposedly carrying a “piece” (yet unaccounted for), and the off duty officer acting like some vigilante in a comic book. They apparently didn’t inform the youth they were police – but yet thought it would be OK to come at the kid, accusing him of theft. Did they not think there would be some trouble? Where is the thought that goes into this move.

  2. “If what Madison heard was true, then the community needs to turn and look at themselves and how they are raising their children.”

    Thank you! Until we raise our own standards, we will continue to see our young men and women accept lower standards and then experience the consequences of such standards.


  3. Yet another example of ‘us’ blaming everybody else for what we ourselves CAN and SHOULD control. Well said, Native Son, where were the parents? From where did this child get a gun? We’d better wake up, but quick, and begin raising OUR OWN children again before they are all gone.

  4. I saw an interview with the father, who was crying and saying that their kids were out there and they didn’t know what they were doing. Ok. Why not? You’re the parent, why didn’t you know what your kid was doing? That’s what I wanted to know, it’s still warm out, the kids are still out, but it gets dark sooner, don’t you think the kid should have been indoors, resting for the next day of school, or was he in school. Wait a bit, the rest will come out.

  5. The officer was to involved when he made the decision to fire back. He should have drove off and went home and called the police. He was off duty and out of uniform a deadly combination. We tell our children not to fight over toys. How old was the police officer’s son who owned this bike. What do you tell him to say, My Pa loves me.

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