Bush Holds a Presh Conference Today

Of all days, President Bush held a press conference today. 

Ok I will admit that the moveon.org Ad was over the top.  Our troops are following orders from G-Dub and his elitist administration.  And of course he is going to veto the proposed children’s health care bill because elitist don’t think that it is the Government’s responsibility to take care of your children. 

You should all get six figure salary jobs like they do and screw people over to make more money and then keep those on the bottom, on the bottom because there is not enough money to go around for everyone in this country.  What was Congress thinking when they drafted this bill…. the nerve of them!!

Oh and the President Bush even made a comment about the Jena 6.  After being asked by a reporter about it of course.  He said that Americans want Justice for everyone.  He also said that The Department of Justice was closely watching the Jena case; which kind of scared me because DOJ is kind of a mes right now.  Who do they have watching when the top 3 Positions are damn near vacant? 

Our recent past U.S. Attorney General basically has a problem recalling actions he took as the head law enforcer of the free world.  We all saw the congressional hearings; he wasn’t sure abut a lot of things.  So if the head of household doesn’t have it together, how are the rest of the Bureaus and Offices at DOJ operating including the Office of Civil Rights?

I think the highlight of the speech was when he told a reporter that he think he got a B in Econ 101.  He thinks?  Bush was a ‘C’ student at Yale wasn’t he.  So a C student pulled of a getting a B in Econ 101; that’s amazing..LOL  

Oh and by the way President Bush, Nelson Mandela is not dead…lol  If anyone saw the press conference yesterday you know what I am talking about.  Bush quickly clarified what he meant but it still wasn’t good.  


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