The start of a new movement?

Today is a day that Americans should be proud of.  Though I was not able to attend the Jena rally, I attended the rally in Washington, D.C.  Black and white people came out in show of support.  It was amazing.  It was refreshing to see the youth come out and exercise their 1st amendment rights.   

As I walked toward the U.S. Capitol I knew that I was doing the right thing.  Some people think that rallies are a thing of the past and are not effective; I beg to differ.  It was evident by today’s national outcry that this has sparked a new flame.

As I watched CNN all the major networks, it was interesting to hear some of the comments being made about the number of people in attendance in Jena.  They kept emphasizing how there were no arrest out of the estimated 15,000-20,000; as if black people can’t come together without violence.  Well we did come together, all over the country.  Young and old; black and white demanding equal protection under the law!

Commentary: ‘Jena 6’ rally was about equal justice, not race

Thousands Rally in Louisiana to Support ‘Jena 6’

P.S. Native Son was on Channel 9 news tonight

I will try and post my 7 second second sound bite as soon as I get it lol



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