Congress Reaches an Agreement on the Childrens Health Insurance Bill

Congress  has reached an agreement on the bill that will provide health insurance for children without health benefits.  Of course Bush and the elitist in this country feel that the Government can’t give too much money to the working class and the poor, because these people would become too dependent on the Government. 

See what people fail to realize is that the HMO corporations are in the business of making money for their shareholders; they could care less about the poor or working class Americans.  They are in the business of health to make money for the company. 

Even members of Bush’s own party wanted to increase the funding for this program and he still has threatened to veto it.  We can spend hundreds of billions of dollars in another country but have to deal with a funding cap when it comes to taking care of our own?


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  1. This should be interesting if Bush follows up on his threat to veto this bill…

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