Court rules ‘Jena 6’ defendant to stay behind bars

I was expecting this.  If the same judge who handled the adult case is now going to handle the case if the DA refiles Juvenile charges. 


28 Responses

  1. i think it is terriffic that bell has to stay behind bars, it is about time the american people stopped being intimidated by the black community and their threats of riots and violence. chalk one up for civilization!!!

  2. Mike: This one is so easy.

    The rallies that took place throughout the country yesterday were peaceful and without incident. The only disturbance was in LA involving 2 white kids who were driving around drunk with nooses tight to the back of their trucks.

    Your comment was made out of ignorance and it is noted to display the very attitudes that cause friction in this country.

  3. A white high school graduate who had been involved in an assault the night before pulled a pump-action shotgun on three black high school students as they exited the Gotta-Go, a local convenience store. After a brief struggle for possession of the firearm, the black students exited the scene with the weapon. The white student later told police he felt threatened by the black students.

    No charges were brought against the student with the gun. But the three black students were charged with aggravated second-degree battery, assault, disturbing the peace and theft of the weapon.

    This is crazy, It doesn’t matter what color you are, you have to see that decent people don’t live like this.

    I strongly believe BOTH Whites and Blacks escalated things while school officials and law enforcement sat idly by waiting for someone to get killed or seriously hurt.

  4. “I strongly believe BOTH Whites and Blacks escalated things while school officials and law enforcement sat idly by waiting for someone to get killed or seriously hurt.”

    I concur. Throughout all of the calls to march and all of the charges of racism, no one disputes the fact that the white kid received a beatdown. No one raises the question as to whether it is appropriate to teach our children to respond to ignorance with violence. When I was a child, I was taught to respond violently if someone called me the “N-word.” It was like a get out of jail free card. I fought in school, church (I attended a Catholic school), and everywhere else. If it was in response to a racial slur, I didn’t get in trouble.

    Do I teach my son to respond the same way? No way. Will I teach my son to respond the same way? No way. Why? Because I know that violence, generally, is against the law unless acting in self-defense. I will, however, train him to aggressively defend himself, if necessary.

    In the Jena 7 incident, it appears that the black community is saying, it’s ok to beatdown a white kid if the perpetrators of the beatdown were insulted by white kids at some previous date. The logic has been supported by the idea that the display of the nooses was as violent as the beatdown. These beliefs, in my opinion, have no place in a civilized society.

  5. I think people are lookling at this as if it were one big bowl of racial injustice instead of the facts behind each incident, which is how prosecutors look at things. As i know the facts (and I admit i haven’t closely followed it since day 1) what happened is:
    1. Some racist white kids hung a noose at school. They were not punished by the law only suspended briefly. But i thought freedom of speech allowed that? is it really a crime to do something like that. Don’t get me wrong, i think it is despicable, but is there a law that actualy says hanging nooses is illegal?
    2. Racial tensions rise at the school. A white kid is attacked and beaten senseless by 6 black kids. There is no evidence that this white kid is the one who hung the noose. The black kids get convicted as adults before an all white jury. Now, this seems to be ok to me, I mean, people can’t just beat someone senseless and not face jail. Even if they are provoked. What wopuld people say of 6 whte kids beat a black kid senseless and then said, well there were racial tensions at the school. And there is no law that says the jury mut match the color of the accused. At the very least, I don’t see how these black kids are “heroes” to be admired. Maybe they got too much and that should be looked into, but heroes?
    3. Other racially motivated incidents happened, which seemed to have worked out in favor of the white people involved. I read something about a white guy taking a shotgun through a parking lot because he was afraid of the blacks. The blacks got in trouble afte the altercation, white gy didn’t. Plainly wrong. you can’t walk around with a shotgun in public and get off scott free. that giy should see some jail time.
    My overall point is, lets look at the facts, and lets not over generalize and don’t believe what the politicians say, or turn small isolated incidents into a national race controversy.

  6. Violence , nor excessive inequitable behavior of any kind are ever answers to solving injustices. Citizens nor officers of the law are above the law…white, black , brown ..citizen, immigrant. Excessive “anything” is a problem. Even sun shine harms it you get too much. The prosecutors in Jena, La. should examine the photos of the late Emmet Till and decide his perpetrators fate, too.

  7. Dee and Afripino:

    I agree with both of you to a certain extent. Violence is not the answer. And I do think that both white and black students got out of control; but the think the adult community and school officials did not give the needed attention to this growing problem in Jena.

    I don’t think that the black community is saying that it is ok to beatdown someone. I think what Bell did was wrong, but I think we all can agree that it should not have resulted in the adult charges. He should not be facing a long term jail sentence. These are all kids who are dealing with racial tensions and emotional problems. Different groups of people not understanding the other. And if they all don’t get the professional help to bridge the color gap in that town it will get worse.

    I don’t think that the hanging of a noose is as physically painful as getting beat up; but it is racially offensive.

  8. Leave his ass in jail. You do a crime, do the time. Who cares about what color the skin is, pay your debt to society. If the roles were reversed, would there be a white protest to release him, HELL NO, the black community would be doing a protest to have put away as an adult. Think people before you react. He beat the hell out someone, almost killing him, let the judge decide what he should be punished as, an adult or minor, shouldn’t matter what color the skin is. People are using the race card way to much, did the news ever published what happened after Katrina at the football stadium, with the raping and killing of the whites? No they didn’t, because we are to afraid of saying what happened to the white people. Deal with it, slavery is over.

  9. Todd:

    “People are using the race card way to much, did the news ever published what happened after Katrina at the football stadium, with the raping and killing of the whites? No they didn’t, because we are to afraid of saying what happened to the white people. Deal with it, slavery is over.”

    There are so many things wrong with your statement statement. Blacks were raping whites in the football stadium? Where is your proof? I know that the police chief of New Orleans had mentioned something about children being raped, but it was later revealed that he made some of it up in a depserate attempt to get more help. Black and white people were affected by Hurricane Katrina. People, of all colors were desperate scared. The elderly of all colors were dying as the waited for help. It’s interesting when people use the phrase “race card” as if black people created some type of game in which we attempt to cheat to win sympathy. Until all of us black white deal with our issues and work on them together, this nonsense and ignorance will continue.

  10. I’m so sick and tired of the “Black Man” accusing whites for all thier problems. It’s about time the blacks of this country take responsibility for their own actions. It’s never a good things to see incidents like this happen but unfortunately when they do, lets all throw in the “race” card and make it about that.
    This is crap and rather then letting these LOUD MOUTH politicians involved like Sharpton, who only want face time and to hear himself rant, these people need to let justice take its course and be satisfied they don’t live in a thrid world country where justice does not exsist.

  11. FOLKS!! IS THIS FOR REAL?? Are the blacks and whites going to really do this why we are at war in Iraq? I bet the muslims love this!! STOP IT!!

  12. Todd,
    Is your father your mom’s brother? Who goes to jail 20 years for fighting?
    Let the punishment fit the crime is what I’m saying, I’m also saying the white guy with the gun needs to go to jail too.
    You can’t just walk around with a gun because you’re scared of black people.
    That’s crazy.

  13. What people here want is fair treatment under the law. Hanging a noose on public school grounds is not freedom of speech. It is ethnic intimidation. It’s as bad as wearing a swatstika. The black students should’ve received a suspension for fighting, not adult criminal charges. The white students should’ve been charged with ethnic intimidation, in addition to suspension. The whole school should’ve been educated on the history of lynching. It’s an act of terrorism, and not something to be joking around with. We don’t joke around about Flight 93 or about 9/11, and we shouldn’t be joking around about lynching either.

    People around the world are learning about this story, and it just tarnishes America’s image even further. We say we want to bring freedom and equality to the rest of the world, yet we can’t get our own house in order.

  14. I am a reident of Lasalle parish and I just want to say that I am appalled at what took place in Jena yesterday. Protesters came and trashed our beautiful little town with litter and treated these boys that nearly killed someone like celebrities by having them sign autographs. I think that was ridiculous, and this is portraying to our children that ganging up and beating someone is ok and you might even get rewarded by having people treat you like a movie star.
    I don’t personally know any of the kids involved but I think the protest did more harm than good. It is senseless to think that a whole town has an issue with race from of the actions of 3 teens. It seems that if anyone is racist it is the black organizations and leaders that crave publicity. Clear and simple 6 against 1 is not right, any race should have enough common sense to see that. The boys should be punished. The extent is up to the judicial system. If the sentence seems too harsh, then make a stir or appeal but until then don’t try to make things worse and cause racial tension. I believe there should also be an apology given from someone for all of the trash that was left in the streets. After all there is a law against littering also. I heard someone comment that after the march and protest the town looked like Bourbon Street after Mardi Gras. Lets not forget this is about six boys nearly killing one. No matter what race or color we cant let our children think this is ok.

  15. It is unfortunate that the School administration failed to punnish the White Students for the noose incident. However, no Black Student suffered Physical harm by the FOOLISH act. The six Black Students commited a CRIME where a Person suffered harm. The Crime was premeditated, The six acted in concert to commit the crime. All which constitutes a fellony. The messege Mr. Jackson and Mr. Sharpton is sending is one that insinuates the six should not be held accountable because They are Black. When charging a person with a crime the charge must pass Intent and Damage. Both intent and damage have been shown by the six Black Students. Jackson and Sharpton DO NOT have a leagal arguement with merrit. The Race card is about played out in our Courts and it is about time.

  16. I just came back from Jenna a few hours ago. I rode the bus with 32 amazing people ranging from one organizer who marched with Dr. King to an 8 year old. The experience was amazing. It was so saddening that this situation is just bringing to light the problem that exist in America every single second.
    I hope that we continue to protest and come up with a plan to solve this issue.
    Also don’t believe the mismedia there were thousands of people there. There were people at the courthouse. There were people at the school, there were people marching and there was another group a people locked out of town see, as well as the people in Alexandria. The media is not reporting the correct numbers. There were thousands upon thousands of peaceful black, white and hispanic people there. We really want justice. You would be surprise about how many people want to fix up that horrific school. There will be a meeting in Prince Georges County Saturday September 29th to discuss what we saw and felt in Jena if anyone is interested. Please keep talking about this and do something about this.

  17. By the way it was not the intention of the folks I went with to trash the town. All the town folks were in hiding and refused to be around. Had they imported garbage cans like they imported security there would be more places to place rubbage. I placed my trash in the most appropriate receptacle. We also did not trash your school. Jena residents should have fixed their school before we arrived and should have fairly treated the defendents and victims so we would not have to march there.

    I believe 99.9% of the folks want to ensure that the proper crime is charged for all people. However Mr. Bell seems to be serving the time of everyone involved. From what I saw in Jena it was not the Black Americans inciting anyone but rather drunk, ignorant, dangerous Cacausian Americans who drove around drunk with a noose. And if people only drive around with nooses when black folks are in town that is an issue. I really would like to see Jena’s legal history. How many times hate crimes have been prosecuted. How many times white individuals have been charged for crimes asgainst blacks etc..

    I also find it amazing that these boys are adults when you want to punish them but boys for eveything else.

    While I may not have all the statistics and we are working on collecting them., there was no mistaken of some of the receptions we received on our way down. Racism and misunderstandings are alive and well in the new century.

  18. People, what is your problem? You think that Black People always pull the race card? You think all blacks are lazy, always looking for an easy way to get out of trouble? You think Blacks like living the way the media and the world view them? Who are you to say this young man deserves to remain in jail when another young man messes with him and his friends about past recent events? The march in Jena wasn’t about the boys getting punished for jumping Mr. Barker, but because these young men are being Railroaded by an DA, that is nearly behind everything in Jena. This man has his hands in everything, and you think he can’t make these boy’s life trouble in this small town? Many young men are beating other young men all the time and Jessie and Al are not running to them! They ran in to this case because this young man is being Railroaded, he is still in Adult prison when the court dismissed him being tried as an adult, he should be home waiting his juvenile court date. Only whites and some blacks that can’t read for themselves see these boys as jumping Barker for no reason! You all need to read what really happened and then you should post a comment, if not then you are stupid! REALLY!

  19. Mychal Bell was on probation at the time that he participated in the attack on Justin Barker. Has it dawned on anyone that he violated his probation. Mychal Bell has already been given to many breaks by local authorities. That is part of the problem. This young man had such potential as a student and as an athlete. He has made some really bad choices again and again. For his own good and for the good of society he has to be held accountable this time. He made those choices and his father should have been involved in this young mans life well before all of this.

  20. No mentioned the black kid that was beat in Jena by a group of white males and hit over the head with a beer bottle prior to the “beating” that happened at the school. One of the white males was 22 year old.

    I agree with Mr. Bell being held accountable for his part in the school incident. However, the punishment meted out by the prosecutor was excessive and biased.

    As far as black folk using the race card to “get over” on the system, mainstream (white folk) need to recognize that Jim Crow is alive and well in America rears his head in the form of the separate justice systems-one for white folk and one for everyone else.

  21. Well its funny that he had a record when other people of other races committed crimes that caused him to get in trouble. These people knew that and i bet Justin was hoping only Bell would fight him and cause this to his self, but it turns out Justin rolled snake-eyes on that bet, and he got put to the ground. Though how can you take the word of a majority over an minority? All white say that Mychal along with 5 others jumped Justin, it could have been 2 or 3 that only did this, but since these 6 boys were the one’s that was heading the protest in the school after the Nooses incident, Justin and his friends decided to do something about it which was cause trouble for the Jena 6 mainly Mychal Bell because of his record. I believe Mychal didn’t stump the guy, maybe Punched him, and the other 2 or 3 stumped him. All the teachers was White and the gym teacher say what happen and was on Mychal’s side but did not get to speak on behalf of Mychal because of the City appointed Attorney that defended Bell, that was friends with the DA and he did not do nothing for Bell. All White Jury, White Judge, White DA also defending Barker, and 2 witness on behalf of Barker also white one being the guy who hung the Noose, and a young lady who at the time of the fight did not see nothing, but at the time of court saw everything that happen. Also no one of Mychal Bell’s family allowed in court or came to speak for him because they weren’t allowed in the room. So 2 black men in a room full of whites who are friends of the DA and Justin Barker’s family. hmmm I smell a rat and thats all I can say about that mess!! Like I said before Read People!

  22. They won’t respect us until we hit them in there pockets.
    Rosa Parks got us moved to the front of the bus not because they believed we were equal but because economically we attacked them. Let’s do it again. But this time durng the most important financial time of the year.

  23. My response to mike , Get your facts right. no one has said that the boys were not wrong for fighting. But did you mention the fight was provoked by Justin. nor did you mention the gun pulled on one of the black teens by a grown man and a white student , you did not mention one of the black teens was jumped at a school dance that was predominatlywhite . Where is the jail time for those inncidents. not to mention the noose. If this was a swastika the white boys would have been in jail , it would have been labeled as a hate crime . When ever blacks are concered people like you , the media want to down play it as a prank. It wasn’t a prank when your ancestors use those same noose to terrorize my ancestors.

  24. BOYCOTT CHRISTMAS!!!! Its a White Holiday, and we make them rich from this anyway! If you think we don’t make you money, and take your crap all the time you got another problem coming. We have had it and its time for Blacks to speak out on this issue. You treat us wrong because of how we keep our hair, how we walk, how we talk. You on the other hand act the same way but in a different manner but its not cool as our way. You now come to bite our styles and act the way we do. You try to speak our Language, we can act like you anytime with our eyes closed but choose not to because of what you do to us everyday. I am sick of it now, you think you are something, bigger, badder, and important because your ancestors stole this land from the Indians, and now you trying to steal our kids with the same mess. Well bring it and remember most of our people are in High offices, and we make decisions now and we can shut you down if it comes to that. Blacks have made this country successful in lots of ways and you fail to realize that because your ancestors and grandparents took the credit for it while mine kept their mouths shut, so no trouble would happen. Now its time for us to speak and let you know and we will do so! This is in nothing relative to O.J., The Jena 6, Micheal Vick, or Mike Tyson. This is in relative to MLK Jr. Malcom X, Rosa Parks, and all the other Strong black leaders who told us to stand for whats rightfully ours. STAND UP Black People, BOYCOTT CHRISTMAS and let them know we Mean Business. Don’t fall for their Tricks anymore!! They smile in your face and joke with you but Stab you in your back….

  25. The protesters that participated in the march obtained permits to do so. If the municipal leaders of Jena took issues with the march, permits would not have been granted.
    As far as black folk and our violent nature is concerned, lets not forget white folk commited some of the most atrocious and henous acts against mankind. We could start with the native Americans and work our way up to slavery and Jim Crow. But thats all in the past we shouldn’t dwell on it.

  26. I’m not sure why some folks think that the ‘race card’ is being played. What does that mean exactly? It seems to me that this situation is fundamentally about race. Nooses to represent lynching of black folks are hung up after black students sit under a whites’ only tree. That’s not a ‘race card, its just plain old racism. A white kid threatens black kids with a shotgun and gets a slap on the wrist. Mychal Bell, a black kid, is charged with deadly assault on a white kid. At his trial, a key witness against Bell is one of the white kids who hung up the noose.

    We may disagree about what’s the appropriate response to all of these different actions and situations, but racial discord, disharmony, distrust, and sometimes flat-out racism, are at the heart of all of these situations in Jena.

    Its hard to have discussions about race – no one, black or white, wants to look very deeply in him/herself to see what biases and prejudices we all hold. But this is not a “race card.” These are real issues about race, power, and inequality in American society. Let’s look at them, talk about them, look inside ourselves, and make a change for the better.

  27. I just watched the CNN special and just 2 weeks after Justin was beat up, he brought a loaded gun to school.
    The gun was taken and he was suspended from school. I don’t think he was expelled, because the reporter says since then Justin has dropped out of school.
    NO CHARGES have been filed against Justin. WOW!!!
    A race card is being played, but it’s not the black one.

  28. What about the 5 white guys who attacked a middle eastern boy calling him racist names gave him 70 stiches in his head.the brooklyn new york DA .let them out on NO BAIL.

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