Our next President is….

Is anyone excited about any of the candidates either parties?  How do independents play in today’s political system?

Right now, none of the candidates are sparking my interest.  It is a lot of rhetoric and symbolic talk but that’s about it.  People on both sides of the aisle and parties need to start telling the truth.  This war is not going to be over anytime soon the way things are looking.  Whoever the next President is, they are going to have a mess on their hands.


4 Responses

  1. They’re all pretty lame. Every one of them has a major drawback to any high points

  2. AUA: Agreed. I think I am having politic withdrawl or something…

  3. Native..Hillary’s going to take this race. It’s inevitable. If not,I will eat my words. I wouldn;t be surprised if Obama eventually becomes her running mate.

  4. “Whoever the next President is, they are going to have a mess on their hands.”

    I agree. That’s the plan. When you hear the Bush administration say that history will show that they did the right thing with respect to the middle east, they are correct that history will show that they attempted to correct some of what is wrong in the middle east. All of the negative stuff that will happen, will probably happen during a democratic administration (i.e., Hillary’s). However, I don’t believe that history will be that kind to the Bushies. Indeed, I think that the administration will receive harsher scrutiny from historians than by our current media and punditocracy.

    Of course, none of this helps the next president. The next President will be faced with difficult decisions that will decide the fate of our relationships with our current allies and the muslim population throughout the world. I don’t envy that responsibility.


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