Some of us just don’t get it

I found this article to be very annoying.  I think Jesse Patterson is such a clown.  I have heard him on CNN and other cable news programs.  I am not a big fan of the mega church ministries, but domestic violence is serious regardless of the gender of the person.   

In this article Patterson is questioning the beat down of Juanita Bynum.  He claims that the media hyped up the incident before the facts could be determined.  Here is a little of what he said:

“According to Bynum, she was recently beaten, choked and stomped by her estranged husband, Weeks, outside an Atlanta hotel. “

“How can Juanita Bynum be the poster child for domestic abuse before we know the truth about her role in this altercation?”

From the comments Patterson made, I am assuming that he is siding with the others who I have heard speak on this issue; we don’t know what happened before the altercation took place.

What is Patterson and others who pose this question trying to say?  That her beat down may have been justified based on what she said to him before that point? Or is he saying that Bynum may have hit Weeks first?  The police reports don’t say anything about Bynum hitting Weeks; so what else do we need to know?    

I don’t care if Juanita told her husband that he is no good in bed or if his thing was too small.  I don’t care if she called him Satan; that does not give the right to put his hands on her.  the Police have an eyewitness who saw the attack and had to pull Weeks off of her; and you still hear black folks say “alleged attack”  and “Satan” made him do it.

Domestic violence is a serious issue; it is committed by both men and woman.  Instead of Patterson stating statistics on which gender commits the most violence toward the other, he should have used his platform to speak out on how the community likes to sweep these things under the carpet and how those in the black church community always want to blame Satan instead of admitting that they have a problem and that they are responsible for their actions and seek professional help. 

I do admit that this country does not cater to men who are victims of domestic violence like they should; but this has nothing to with Bynum’s case. 


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  1. I agree with you Native son,
    Blacks for so long have not dealt with the issue of abuse because it has been in our culture for years and there are far too many men and women who allow this to go on as if it is the norm. I have yet to hear a minister address the issue from the pulpit because after all the bible does say that a women is suppose to summit( of course the book was written by a man and the same oppressors that kept our history from us and erased our names) The truth eventually comes out and these mega pimps are slowly having their fake garments removed.
    Mr.patterson did not have a problem with her profiting as long as she and her husband benifited., now she seeking profit. That is the name of the mega game isn’t it.

  2. Hey, you might want to edit this part: “Domestic violence is a serious issue; it is committed by both me and woman.” I’m not thinking that you intended to say you are into domestic violence.

  3. Patrick:

    Thanks, I need to change that



  6. DesIree:

    Did you post this comment under the wrong topic? I think you wanted to post this under another topic. Let me know and I will move it to the right post

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