Gov: No challenge of ‘Jena 6’ ruling

Governor Blanco has announced that the DA from Jena will not challenge the Appeals Court decision to throw out adult charges filed against Bell.  Thanks Governor Blanco for getting involved after we blew your phone up with emails and fazes…..


2 Responses

  1. Enough already. I agree that the charges were too severe and out of line. However to defend six guys who beat the Hell out of ONE guy disgusts me. It doesn’t matter if they were white or black. Where is the justice in that? Plus Mychal Bell has a criminal record. Why defend those who have no restraints on themselves? Can you not see how hard it is to defend that kind of behavior? Only predators team up like that.

  2. Commandocody:

    Do you know how many group fights occur in school across this country? The studetns are usually suspended or expelled; never have I heard of someone bieng charged with 2 degree attempted murder. I am not saying that Bell should be set free, but he should not have faced adult charges. Once again, no one is approving of violence or what Bell did; he needs to be punished, but his punishment needs to be fair and just. And also note that he has spent over 9 months in an adult facility.

    Like I have stated in previous posts, I find it interesting in this country when white children mess up as youth; the courts usually order to them seek counseling; they bend over backwards for them. Child therapists come to their defense; they call them troubled youth who just need to refocus. But when black youth do wrong; they are automatically stereotyped as criminals. Where are the child therapist now? That school and the youth were going through serious racial tension and the administration did nothing to address it because when it comes to racial issues and things that offend black people; some white people pass it off as no big deal. After all of these people are still assuming that the hanging of nooses is a form of childish pranks. Do Jewish people have to explain that a swastika is racially offensive? If they say it is offensive (and it is offensive) then America understands it. But when black people say cross burning and hanging nooses is racially offensive we are told to get over it.

    Once again, no one is approves of Bell’s actions; that’s not why people are outraged; we are outraged because the justice is not blind in this country when it comes to black people. You say your tired?? Hell black people are tired of trying to explain this to America. I am about to tell all of you to go read a book and to get more understanding.

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